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YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 14, ARMENPRESS: The official visit of the Minister of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Eduard Nalbandyan to the Republic of Cyprus presiding in the European Union was launched. Right after the arrival to Nicosia on September 13, Eduard Nalbandyan was received by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias.
Expressing his gratitude for the reception, Minister Nalbandyan passed the President of Cyprus the greetings and good wishes from the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and stated that the Armenian President remembered with certain warmness his visits to Cyprus in 2011.
The President of Cyprus and the Armenian Foreign Affairs Minister stated with satisfaction that during the recent years the ties between the two countries had been considerably intensified and that with joint efforts the bilateral relations had been raised to a new qualitative level and they were ready to strengthen and deepen them more. The interlocutors expressed the same opinion that the Armenian-Cyprian relations might be qualified as exemplary for their high-level mutual understanding and trust.
President Demetris Christofias presented the current situation of the regulation process of the Cypriot issue in details. Eduard Nalbandyan stated that Armenia highly evaluates the constructive approach and the initiatives of the Republic of Cyprus directed to the settlement of the Cyprian issue and was sorry that the Turkish party did not react on these initiatives properly. In this context, Minister Nalbandyan highlighted the joint declaration in the framework of the state visit of the Armenian President in 2011 to Nicosia, which provided for mutual assistance in the approaches on the settlement of the Cyprian and Artsakh issues.
President Christofias informed the Armenian Minister about the steps implemented to liquidate the consequences of the Eurozone crisis.
In the context of the Cypriot Presidency of the European Union the interlocutors made a reference to the Armenia-European Union cooperation, negotiations on the EU Association Agreement, facilitation process of the entrance patent regime and the negotiations of the agreement on deep and comprehensive free trade zone.
Armenia’s Foreign Ministry head presented to the Cyprus' President the current situation conditioned by assassin Safarov release resulted by the Hungarian- Azerbaijani deal, highly estimating in that context the unanimous and unequivocal response by the international community.
The Cyprus President asked to convey his greetings, as well as best washings to Armenia’s President and the people in connection with the 21st anniversary. On the same day, Edward Nalbandyan participated in the reception launched in Nicosia Hilton Park Hotel in connection with the 21st anniversary of Armenia’s independence and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, where the head of Cyprus' House of Representatives, Foreign Affairs Minister, Cyprus Government and MPs, Nicosia accredited Ambassadors, Cyprus accredited community were present. Welcoming the participants of Armenia’s national holiday reception, Minister Nalbandyan came forth with a statement: '' I am particularly happy to underscore that we are celebrating Armenia- Cyprus diplomatic relations 20th anniversary jointly with Armenia’s independence holiday. Armenia- Cyprus inter-parliamentary relations have got specific content and quality due to the close historical ties between our countries: current year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries.
We have got more than twenty signed agreements in investment, education, culture, health, agriculture, tourism, civil aviation and defense spheres, which serve a strong ground for realization of joint programs. There is an effective cooperation between the two parliaments thanks to the Armenian-Cypriot parliamentary committee. The result of the twenty years is our joint achievement. On current moment we have got strong will to open new horizons for our bilateral friendly cooperation.
The restoration of Armenian statehood is Armenia’s century-old dream; our nation has survived through the many trials to achieve its goal.
This is the achievement of our nation. I want to thank all the present people for partaking in the ceremony combining the two events, 20th anniversary of establishment Armenia- Cyprus diplomatic relations and 21st anniversary of Armenia’s independence. Cyprus President In his turn welcomed and congratulated the participants of the ceremony.

Armenian independence September 21 celebrations took place on Thursday 13 September at the Hilton Park and was organised by the Armenian Embassy and the Office of the Armenian MP under the auspices of the Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandyan.
Ministers, high-ranking government officials, Ambassadors and Consuls, as well as more than 250 community members attended.


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The European Parliament condemned Azerbaijan for Safarov’s pardon.
The final text of the resolution, however, relieves Hungary from any responsibility in the matter. Earlier drafts of the bill called on Hungary to urge Azerbaijan, through diplomatic avenues, to adhere to its earlier claim that Safarov would serve the remainder of his life sentence upon extradition.
Budapest released Safarov to Azerbaijan last month where Azeri President Ilham Aliyev pardoned him on arrival.
Safarov had confessed hacking to death the 26-year old Lt. Markarian while the latter was asleep in his dormitory room. Safarov and the victim were in Hungary for a NATO-sponsored Partnership for Peace English language courses in 2004. Safarov had struck Markaryan 16 times with an axe, almost decapitating him. Following the murder he had walked over to another Armenian officer’s room, hoping to commit a second murder, but found his door locked. Safarov was found guilty of premeditated murder, and was sentenced to life in prison in April 2006, with possibility of parole after 30 years.
Armenia immediately broke diplomatic ties with Hungary and said that releasing Safarov, who was given a hero’s welcome on his return, was a “grave mistake.”
The resolution “deplores the decision by the President of Azerbaijan to pardon Ramil Safarov, a convicted murderer sentenced by the courts of a Member State of the European Union… is further concerned that this act is jeopardizing all peaceful reconciliation processes within the societies concerned and may undermine the possible future development of peaceful people-to-people contact in the region.”
The resolution underlines that Safarov’s pardon “runs contrary to the spirit of that international agreement, which was negotiated to allow the transfer of a person convicted on the territory of one state to serve the remainder of his or her sentence on the territory of another state.”
The European Parliament also said it “deplores the hero’s welcome accorded to Mr Safarov in Azerbaijan and the decision to promote him to the rank of major and pay him eight years’ back salary upon his arrival, and is concerned about the example this sets for future generations and about the promotion and recognition he has received from the Azerbaijani state.”

The MEP's who voted against the EP resolution:
Norica NICOLAI Romania
Ramona Nicole MĂNESCU Romania
Corina CREŢU Romania
Ismail ERTUG Germany
Alexandra THEIN Germany
Edit HERCZOG Hungary
Kinga GÖNCZ Hungary
Fiona HALL United Kingdom
Evgeni KIRILOV Bulgaria
Kristiina OJULAND Estonia
Hannu TAKKULA Finland


BAKU (RFE/RL) - Azerbaijan on Friday rejected a European Parliament resolution condemning the pardoning of axe-killer Ramil Safarov, saying that Armenian lobby groups were instrumental in its passage.
“The resolution once again demonstrates that the European Parliament is dependent on the influence of the Armenian lobby,” Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Elman Abdullayev was quoted by Russian and Azerbaijani news agencies as saying.
Abdullayev again defended President Ilham Aliyev’s decision to pardon Safarov immediately after the Azerbaijani army officer was extradited from Hungary, where he had been sentenced to life imprisonment for hacking to death Armenian Lieutenant Gurgen Markarian in 2004.
“For Azerbaijan, the case of Ramil Safarov is closed,” the official said. “His extradition was carried out within the framework of both Azerbaijani and Hungarian legislation. His subsequent pardoning also fully corresponds to the Constitution and laws of Azerbaijan.”
Abdullayev reiterated Baku’s claims that “Armenia’s continuing occupation of Azerbaijani territories” is the root cause of Markarian’s gruesome murder. He faulted the European Parliament for not agreeing with this stance.
The resolution backed by all major factions in the European Union’s legislative body deplores Safarov’s release from prison and a hero’s welcome given to him in Baku. It says that this “could contribute to further escalation of the tensions” in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone.
The resolution was also denounced as “one-sided and not objective” by Ali Ahmadov, executive secretary of Aliyev’s ruling Yeni Azerbaycan party. According to the Trend news agency, Ahmadov said the European Parliament itself will fuel more Armenian-Azerbaijani tensions with its criticism of Baku.


Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen (11.09.12) reports that the New Cyprus Party (YKP), has issued a statement, demanding that the decision taken to "lease" the Armenian Church to a "university" for a period of 10 years to be revised and to be returned back to the Armenians of Cyprus, together with the right of use.
The YKP, points out that the statement that the church is one of the few cultural heritages left untouched today and underlines that it is unacceptable for a church to be restored and given to a "university".
The YKP calls also the "administration board" of the Efkav to revise its decision and give back to the Armenians who live in Cyprus, the church as well as the right of use it.
The statement points out that the YKP will pursue this process both in Cyprus and in international arenas.

Foreign Minister of Cyprus, holding Presidency in the Council of EU in 2012, Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis expressed concern and regret for Azerbaijani President’s pardon and release of murderer Ramil Safarov. The statement reads:
“I conveyed my deep regret and concern for the Azeri Presidential pardon and release of the Azerbaijani army officer Ramil Sahib Safarov who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the heinous murder of the Armenian Army officer Gurgen Marrgaryan in 2004.
It is imperative that Azerbaijan demonstrates full respect to the letter and the spirit of the relevant international Conventions, as well as fulfill the diplomatic assurances and commitments given as a condition for such release.
We deeply regret and deplore this Presidential pardon and the damage inflicted by the actions that followed the release, aimed at glorifying this hideous crime, to the reconciliation efforts with Azerbaijan and we are also very concerned of its effects on regional stability.”


Within the framework of the visit to Cyprus Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian had a meeting with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yiannakis Omirou.
The interlocutors noted that the intensive cooperation established between the parliaments of the two countries, the activity of the deputy friendship groups in the two parliaments greatly contribute to the development of interstate relations and the deepening of friendship between the two peoples.
Yiannakis Omirou and Edward Nalbandian emphasized the role of the Armenian community of Cyprus in the reinforcement of bilateral cooperation.
The Armenian Foreign Minister briefed Speaker Omirou on Armenia-EU cooperation and Armenia’s participation in the processes taking place under the Eastern Partnership Program.
The Speaker of Parliament of Cyprus strongly condemned the unacceptable decision of the Azerbaijani authorities to release murderer Safarov, underlining that the Parliament of Cyprus fully supports the Resolution adopted by the European Parliament on September 13.
During the meeting reference was made to the efforts of the Republic of Cyprus and the international community towards the settlement of the Cyprus issue and the non-constructive position of Turkey on the northern occupied part of the island.


Ekin KARACA Istanbul – BIA News Center - Human rights activists spearheaded by the Nor Zartonk Initiative gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square to protest the release of Kıvanç Ağaoğlu pending trial, with only days left before the deliverance of the final verdict in the Martial Court of the Diyarbakır Second Air Force Command on Sept. 7.
The demonstrators commemorated the death of Sevag Balıkçı who died after private Kıvanç Ağaoğlu fired his rifle while they were both serving their mandatory military service on April 24, 2011.
Around 500 demonstrators began marching toward Galatasaray Square at 19:00 behind a banner that read “Militarism kills.”
Sevag Balıkçı’s family also attended the demonstration along with anti-war and human rights activists.
The protesters chanted slogans in Turkish, Armenian and Kurdish throughout the entire march.
“We are all Sevag, we are all Armenians,” “The murderous state will be called to account,” “Do not enlist in the military, do no spill a brother’s blood,” “Sevag, we will not forget you,” “Never to kill or die, never to become anyone’s soldier,” “Long live the brotherhood of peoples,” the demonstrators shouted.
The attendants also highlighted the fact that Balıkçı’s death coincided with the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and rebuffed claims that the incident was merely an accident caused by a stray bullet.
“Being an Armenian proved costly”
The Nor Zartonk Initiative then read a press statement before the Galatasaray High School, adding that they were also going to make another press declaration before the courtroom on Sept. 7:
“It was said that Balıkçı had died accidentally due to a bullet fired from Ağaoğlu’s weapon while he was performing his mandatory military service on April 24, 2011, the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Being an Armenian once more proved to be costly, and racism snatched him away from us.”
“[Authorities] released Balıkçı’s murder suspect after the first hearing of the case, even though press workers, students, Kurdish politicians, revolutionaries and academics are incarcerated solely because they think, question and criticize.”
“We were tested in this trial through a variety of ruses. The murderers have been debunked, however. Witness Halil Ekşi changed his testimony and said Ağaoğlu had cocked his gun before firing and that Ağaoğlu’s relatives had told him to testify in his favor.”
“The murder suspect and the mindset he represents is yet to be convicted. It is still legitimate to kill an Armenian, just like back in 1915, and the murderers go unpunished.”
“Officials are trying to cover up murders committed in barracks as ‘jokes’ or ‘suicide.’ Those who refuse to partake in the state’s dirty and bloody system receive heavy prison sentences and are subjected to torture in disciplinary wards.”
“The dominant mindset is thirsty for more victims that it failed to homogenize. Thousands died, including many children, due to gunfire coming from barracks, mortar shells and mines in this war that has been going on for 30 years. Hundreds are killed inside of barracks, too, in consequence of acts of ‘suicide’ and ‘accidents’ called ‘dubious deaths’ but leave no doubt as to their true nature.”
“It is not just humans, but humanity itself that is dying in the barracks. We defend life and call on everyone to show the sensitivity to fight against militarism that is causing the deaths of children outside of the barracks, the deaths of youngsters inside the barracks and which has permeated every aspect of life. As for concrete steps, we are also calling upon youngsters to reject to perform their mandatory military service and refrain from spilling the blood of a brother. (EKN)


A1 News - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev granted a pardon not only to a murder, but also a war criminal. This opinion was expressed by Hayk Demoyan, who was the representative of Armenian Ministry of Defense during the Azerbaijani murderer Ramil Safarov's trial in Budapest in 2004-2006.
According to him, at the trial Safarov divulged a military secret. He declared that in a Turkish military base in Northern Cyprus he learned to use various weapons, including an axe, to kill people.
"This is unprecedented information," Hayk Demoyan said, noting that this information should be voiced at NATO because soldiers of Azerbaijan, which is not a NATO member state, get military training in a military base of a country illegally occupied by a NATO member state.


U.S. Embassies in at least fifty countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Caucasus are warning of possible anti-American protests following the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. Huffington Post writes about this.
The Embassies in Armenia, Burundi, Kuwait, Sudan, Tunisia and Zambia, along with the Embassy in Egypt, which was hit by a protest on Tuesday, all issued warnings on Wednesday advising Americans to be particularly vigilant.
The warnings, posted on the Embassies' websites, do not report any specific threat to Americans but note that demonstrations can become violent.
The protest in Cairo and the attack in Benghazi appear to have been responses to an inflammatory anti-Muslim video posted on the Internet.
The article in the Huffington Post magazine has 181 comments. One of the commentators asks to explain to him why US Embassy in Armenia is warned? ''There are fewer than 1,000 Muslims in Armenia. Armenia is the first Christian nation and has no association to Islam, nor has any ill will towards America. There's more ill-will towards Muslims, like Turks, than anybody else in Armenia'', the user says.


Nicosia - The Cyprus Mail - Hungary has a lot to do to make up for the release of convicted murderer Ramil Safarov, the Armenian Ambassador to Greece and Cyprus, Gagik Ghalatchyan, has said.
“Hungary should apologise to the international community and Armenia and should undertake such measures that are equivalent to the slap received from Azerbaijan,” Ghalatchyan said.
“Otherwise, we will continue considering this unfriendly gesture towards Armenia was a deliberate and motivated action,” he said.
“We believe that with this act Azerbaijan once again, and this time ultimately, lost any prospect of its being a reliable partner in the eyes of the international community. We hope, and we are working [towards] that direction, that the international community finally stops the policy of false parity,” Ghalatchyan said. He said that the international community, “the United Nations, OSCE, EU, Council of Europe, CSTO, NATO, the US., Russia, France and dozens of other countries and organisations responded to this incident and expressed their support to the Republic of Armenia.”
But this is just the beginning of a process, he said. Armenia is also going to raise the issue legally in the “competent institutions” in relation to Azerbaijan and Hungary’s actions, Ghalatchyan said.

Armenian Ambassador to Greece and Cyprus, Gagik Ghalatchyan (right)




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First Day of school for Armenians in Syria

The Armenian community of Cyprus is deeply concerned regarding the plight of our fellow compatriots in Syria and has started collecting donations through the Armenian Prelature, The Armenian Relief Society (HOM) Sosse Chapter and the AGBU Cyprus Chapter.
Let us give generously.


(R-Press release) - Christine Arzoumanian, reached the summit of Mount Ararat on July 18, 2012 -- all the way up to 5,137 meters in four days. Christine is a former DG Rotaract Representative (D2450, 2009-2010) and a Past President (PP) of Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotaract Club.
The daughter of former Mount Lebanon cycling champion Gabriel Arzoumanian, she has been keenly interested in extreme sports from her adolescence (in particular mountaineering). She has already conquered many summits in Lebanon and abroad.
“I hope to form a team of Rotarians and Rotaractors from our District who are interested in climbing summits and raising funds for Rotary causes. I ask all those interested to e-mail me at".
The climb started at 2,200 meters. "We reached 3,200 meters on day one and 4,100 meters on day two, then went back down after a short break to 3,200 meters -- to allow the body to get used to the altitude” she explained. "On day three, we went back up to 4,100 meters, and on day four -- just after midnight -- we took off on the final stretch".
"The last 800 hundred meters of the climb consisted of a succession of steep slopes, their surfaces a rough mix of snow and ice -- which made it necessary to wear crampons to avoid sliding.
“The acid test for me was the last 300 meters. The altitude was kicking in and the oxygen level dropping. My fingers were frozen and my face and lips were all blue, according to the guide. Also, I had no energy to move a muscle, so I stopped".
"I was told that, given my condition, I would need two to three hours to reach the summit, and was advised not to continue — in order to maintain my energy for the lengthy journey back down. At that moment of truth, I looked at my team and I looked at the summit which was so close; then I looked up to Heaven, and with God’s miraculous help, I found the strength to actually start “running”, tears of determination streaming down my face. I reached the summit in 30 minutes”
“As I reached the peak itself, I went down on my knees kissed the holy summit, thanked God and prayed. I was on top of Mount Ararat, where Noah’s Ark landed and my roots’ summit. I saw all of Armenia, and the small Ararat (Masis) at my feet as I waited impatiently for my team-mates to come through the fog. Although the weather was getting really bad and it was freezing cold up there yet the atmosphere was very warm. I experienced inexplicable feelings that I will cherish forever. For me, Mount Ararat is a truly holy mountain. It reminds me of who I am as a person; of my roots; of my strengths and of my weaknesses; of the qualities of my soul and of how I deal with difficulties with a smile and a loving heart towards all”.
“The Rotarian in me feels this experience has parallels with Rotary and Rotaract. I believe it is with this mindset and spirit that we achieve Service Above Self within our communities. Indeed, together with fellow Rotarians and with the help of the Rotary organization, we climb mountains that are higher than 5,137 meters every day to meet the needs of our communities that are our ultimate summits. Physical fitness and the right diet are fundamental to mountain climbing, but it is the mind, in collaboration with the soul, that will take you to the summit and back down again”.
For Christine, every challenge invites and inspires goodness in response, “just as Rotary and Rotaract would have us respond with God’s will”.


Joseph Wakim, founder of Australian Arabic Council for Global Research - While we reflect on the 11th anniversary of the Al Qaeda attacks on American soil, there is a blinding light that may obscure our view: this sworn enemy now fights hand in hand with the US against the Syrian regime.
The historic State of the Union address by US President George W. Bush on September 20, 2001 is loaded with morals and principles about good and evil.

The President’s ultimatum was clear: either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
In Syria, there is mounting evidence that Al Qaeda and its allies are actively deploying terror tactics and suicide bombers to overthrow the Assad regime.
Syrian citizens who prefer the secular and stable state to the prospect of an Iraqi-style sectarian state may well be turning this same question around to the US government: are you with us, or with the terrorists?
This week, head of the Salafi jihad and close ally of al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, pledged ”deadly attacks” against Syria as ”our fighters are coming to get you” because ”crimes” by the regime ”prompts us to jihad”.
Bush referred to al Qaeda as the enemies of freedom: ”the terrorists’ directive commands them to kill Christians and Jews”. But Sheikh Muhammad al Zughbey proclaimed that ”your jihad against this infidel criminal and his people is a religious duty … Alawites are more infidel than the Jews and Christians”. Because the new jihad targets Alawites rather than Jews and Christians, does this render them better bed fellows?
By his own admission, Bush stated that al Qaeda was ”linked to many other organisations in different countries … They are recruited from their own nations … where they are trained in the tactics of terror … They are sent back to their homes or sent to hide in countries around the world to plot evil and destruction”.
Yet this is precisely how the foreign jihadists in Syria have been described by reporters. They are funded and armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And they collaborate with the Free Syrian Army which is aided and abetted by the US.
Bush condemned the Taliban regime because they were ”sponsoring and sheltering and supplying terrorists. By aiding and abetting murder, the Taliban regime is committing murder”. Eleven years later, the parallels produce an uncomfortable truth.
If only the Syrian uprising was as simple as the Arab Spring narrative where citizens seek democracy and freedom. But those unarmed protests have long since been hijacked by a cocktail of agendas which have little to do with Syrian democracy, and more to do with a proxy war to create a sectarian Sunni state that weakens Shi’te Iran’s main partner in the region.
Bush was correct in claiming that al Qaeda ”want to overthrow existing governments in many Muslim countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan” – who were all US-Israel allies at that time.
But his list stopped short of mentioning Syria or Iraq, the real targets of al Qaeda. Why does overthrowing Syria, using the same terror tactics, fail to attract the same degree of outrage?
Bush continues: ”We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive them from place to place, until there is no refuge or no rest. And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism.”
This pledge appears to have fallen on its own sword, given the funding of the jihadists in Syria. The terrorists have bred and spread across borders, which is the opposite of Bush’s prophecy.
The US administration must come clean about its financial aid. It cannot use one hand to sign a blank cheque to the rebels, and the other hand to cover its eyes to their immoral and illegal tactics. It cannot hide behind ”the end justifies the means” as there are too many innocent lives at stake.
Bush rode off on his high horse: ”We are in a fight for our principles, and our first responsibility is to live by them … may God grant us wisdom”.
If the principles and morality are to be taken seriously, then they need to be applied consistently.
The US regime should be actively and publicly distancing itself from the foreign terrorists and Salafist jihadists that are proliferating within sovereign Syria. It should be condemning al Qaeda for its militant intervention. It should be condemning the Saudi sheikhs who issue fatwas for an Alawite holocaust.
The wisdom that we see is grief over the al Qaeda crime 11 years ago, yet covert collaboration with this sworn enemy today.
Perhaps the US is applying another principle that they may have learned from their pragmatic Arab allies – the enemy of my enemy is my friend.



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World number 27 Haig Ashdjian from Larnaca-Cyprus is back from two Grade 2 tournaments with two semi-final accomplishments in his bag, which are expected to even further boost his ranking in the top 20 in the 60 category.
After the South of England Veterans' Championships at Eastbourne where he lost to Boyd R. BRACKSTONE (GBR) [seed 1] 6-3 6-1, our champion traveled to Switzerland where again he made it to the semi finals.
In 11 tournaments Haig Ashdjian has recorded eight championship wins, two semi finals and one quarter finals, in the best run that a veteran player has had in Cyprus history.




I feel especially privileged to inform you that my partner Stelios Christofides and myself have won the contract to start a new tennis training centre on the grounds of the Junior School, Nicosia, as from Monday 3 September.
In addition to classes for all levels, from beginners to competition level, in small groups or private, our training centre will also develop top class players of a standard to benefit from university scholarships.
Already, some of the island's top junior players have enrolled at the training centre and are practicing under the guidance of our Head Coach and Technical Director Akis Asproftas, one of Cyprus' best coaches, who has consistently produced a number of top players both in Cyprus and in Greece.
Our programme will include lectures from qualified professionals in sports psychology, sports nutrition and strength and endurance training with the aim of helping children to be the best that they can be.
Our excellent facilities consist of four floodlit tennis courts, in a green park setting surrounded by trees, jogging tracks and other sports grounds.
For more information and to enrol, call me direct on 99437073 (after 6:00 pm) or email me on
Simon Aynedjian

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