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Professor H.I. Pilikian’s masterly analysis of the political world we inhabit is powerful, and deeply disturbing. Several of his metaphors, like Mafia Capitalism, a Government of Liars by the liars for the liars and the slave-ship of the Washington State may become classics of post-modern political debate.

Simon Aynedjian Gibrahayer e-magazine
The World’s Most Famous Political Prisoner in Washington DC
by Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian
I am a fan of President Barack Obama. He is a good man. He is, in fact the sole decent human being among the US Political élite – the most rotten in the world stinking up to heaven, as Claudius, the murderous king in Shakespeare’s Hamlet soliloquized about his sins. The US Senators are disgusting liars (precisely like the British Members of Parliament), except President Obama, whose every word I believe, and am certain that he means what he says – a rare quality in a post-modern politician. In this, President Obama has no equal in the world, perhaps the Chinese President Hu Jintao, but definitely not the British Prim Minister David Cameron, whose deputy-partner Nick Clegg was caught with his pants down, lying through every pore of his body, about Student fees, Taxes, House of Lords, you name it, he lies about it, turning daily-life in Britain so insufferably corrupted that no one can believe anyone anymore, not even wives and husbands each other and their own children, and vice versa.
Mafia Capitalism – A New Form
Britain and America are the bastions of global capitalism. They shape and lead the potential evolution of capitalism globally. Wall Street and the Bankers’ City of London are networked with invisible pathways in a spider’s web – a lot of US companies are owned by the British and vice versa. Karl Marx made a huge error of judgment thinking that advanced Capitalism is a fixture – he understood that industrial capitalism had a birth in Victorian Britain, developed and evolved seeking new global markets, but Marx somehow thought (like all “great” thinkers, and his guru Hegel in the first place!), that history would end with … themselves, that the historical period they lived through was the end-game.
Capitalism, like everything else, is still evolving, and its new Platonic Form is what I call Mafia Capitalism, grounded in fraud and hot airInsurance deals massively propagated by the capitalist Banks is the primary source of hot air and fraud.
John Longworth, no wilting Socialist red rose, but a virulent British Chambers of Commerce ultra-hard capitalist nut, representing 100,000 UK firms, is quoted in a Daily Mail editorial (1 September 2012, p.16) calling the bluff of government lies – “announcements of infrastructure projects that were a ‘complete fiction’, based on ‘hot air’ …
Next come the dirty monies circulated through the global financial markets, a trillion dollars per annum, by any rough guesstimates. This money is filthy in the extreme because it comes literally from the global Mafia blood-soaked institutions of Prostitution, Drugs and murder.
A business, any business big or small needs cash-flow daily … Large investors lock capital-money in dead investments – they cannot provide cash flow, the only source of which is now the no-questions-asked cash of the American Mafia made respectable (albeit whoring the woman-kind of the world), with its tentacles everywhere.
Britain and America, with their capitalist greed for profiteering and exploitation, are destroying Life on this planet, through
(1) Pollution, causing Climate change, farting massive amounts of Carbon Dioxide, choking the Oxygen we need to breathe second-by-second, and
(2) By Prostitution, whoring most of mankind by the artificial creation of mass poverty.
And most of the world is still asleep to these crimes – the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka who genocided the Tamils of his island in a Hitlerite Blitz, wrapped it up nicely with a sumptuous dinner in London, at the Buckingham Palace with our Majestic Queen, and is soon to host and preside over the next gathering of the Commonwealth Heads of States.
No day passes without some major scandal in the life of the British nation, being ripped off right, left, centre and all around … Travel Agents double/treble prices during school breaks when children are available for family-holidays; well-branded Supermarkets cheat by selling bottled … tap-water; landlords cheat by charging astronomical rents in University towns like Oxford, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh – forcing young especially female students into part-time whoring – I know personally non-whoring students having to go without food for several days a week to make ends meet.
I object to the capitalist system for its idiocies, but especially for its deliberate lies – the grandest of which is the shameless lie of the Free marketsthere can be no such thing by definition – if you have to buy and sell, which means making a profit, you have to actively cheat for maximum gain. The trading floor of money Exchanges are no different from the local vegetable markets. The principle of Supply-and Demand and its manipulation is the same, for which reason Jesus Christ chased the traders out of the inner holy temple.
The British political elite misses no opportunity to brag about the independence of the British Judiciary, which is a total and utter nonsense, in fact a huge grand lie – the British judiciary embedded in the House of Lords serves slavishly and entirely the ruling class interests, robbing ordinary citizens of their last pennies, if they are foolish enough to have to engage with them. Two idiotic Russian oligarchs just fought a risible battle in British courts exposing the insatiable greed and obscene daylight robbery of the Russian people’s oil and gas reserves, feeding the equally obscene greed of the British judiciary charging them an incredible £150 million pounds as costs … Why? None of the ultra-narcissistic idiots involved seem to be bothered by the financial judicial rape; Theirs is easy money, easy come – easy goes by thieving from the Russian poor.
In a most laughable judgment, the High Court Judge Dame Elizabeth Gloster (who seems unable to spell her surname properly as Gloucester) made unwittingly remarkable confessions about the whole nature of the British judiciary. She scorned Mr. Boris Berezovsky claiming “£3.2billion pounds in damages from Mr. Abramovitch(Daily Mail, 1 September, 2012, p.21) still actively massively robbing daily the Russian people, for being “deliberately dishonest, sometimes he was clearly making his evidence up as he went along … He would have said almost anything to support his case”, which is precisely an unfailing definition of what the British lawyers do while charging their pathetic clients a fortune. The wonder is that anybody bothers with the law. For thousands of years, for as long as anyone can remember, “Lawyers have always been hated. Even when we need them most, we think of them as arrogant parasites whose trade union – the Law Society – regulates their affairs in such a way as to ensure their fees are always exorbitant.” (Tom Quinn, London’s Strangest Tales, Portico, 2008, p.19).
Lord Goodman was a most distinguished member of the British Judiciary, and I had the good fortune of having a Senior Partner of the Lord’s firm as my divorce Solicitor two decades ago. He said one day; “Hovhanness, seek not Justice and/or Truth in British courts. The British Law concerns itself with the sole matter of finding a reasonable settlement.” While this may be very commendable as a social practicality, Dame Elizabeth Gloster, while character-assassinating Mr. Berezovsky, unwittingly defined the abhorrent evil of the British court procedures stating that the Witness ”regarded truth as a transitory, flexible concept which could be molded to suit his current purposes”, which yet again, is precisely what the British Judges do unflinchingly shamelessly.

An Honorable Mr. Goldstone, the half High Court Judge in my divorce case would not hesitate to lie (in the Watford Court) to my face about the facts of my very own life! He obviously suffered from a God-complex as none of the similarly diseased Barristers would dare catch his lies, while raping me into total silence.

My “reasonable settlement”?; Judge Goldstone, threatening me with imprisonment coerced me to agree to the corrupt sale of my mortgage-free 8-bedroom Victorian character-house with its original Italian-marble fireplaces and features intact, in Mrs. Thatcher’s much envied constituency, Finchley Central. Japanese Company Directors and CEO’s at the time would live in Finchley just to brag about living in the Prime Minister’s constituency …
Now valued at 2 million pounds, and then sold corruptly at 140 thousand, I was legally robbed of my family house/fortune, swallowed up as expenses by worthless scum-solicitors (one of them, an Australian was even caught with his hands in the till …), with my own noble solicitor left with nothing to take.
My father, at the age of ten, had seen the Ottoman Turks come to their family house, put them in the street, on the road to genocide in the Arabian deserts of Der-el-Zor Syria. Now, at the age of 95, having survived the genocide of the Armenians as a child, and a decade of horrendous civil-war in the Lebanon, could finally reach peaceful London in 1990, to relive what the barbarous Turks had done, now done by the civilized British – yet again, put in the street, with his son, my pregnant wife, and our 3-years old child.
This is the kind of the genocidal justice I myself have experienced at the hands of the highest in the British Isles, with my 85 years old mother literally killed by Judge Goldstone’s sub-human Darwinian eugenicist judgments. My classically Armenian mother who lived by the breath of her children, and me especially as her youngest child, had developed overnight stomach-cancer and died in three months. The Ottoman Turks could not kill her, the US/Israeli technological war in the Lebanon could not kill her, but the British Justice as perpetrated by half of a High Court Judge killed her. The Honorable Judge Goldstone had the indecency of withholding any attempt at appeals against his judgment.
And the Conservative Government of Great Britain is presently stuffed with Neanderthal axe-men, worse than the senile Goldstone’s, bashing the Benefits of the poor and the Disabled already beaten up daily since Mrs. Thatcher’s hyenas ensured that her starvation payments stay the same in spite of a decade of exorbitant price-rises. The latest plan of youth-exploitation as slave-labor is to pay the unemployed University graduates literally nothing for 13 weeks as voluntary … work-experience, before they can qualify to receive some peanuts! The sheer inhuman Nazi concentration camp indecency of it all!
A Government of Liars, by the Liars, For the Liars
One of the greatest, deepest, most powerful philosophical insights throughout the history of mankind is Jesus Christ’s diagnosis and essentialist definition of Lying, identified with Satan himself as the creator, the progenitor, hence “the father of lies” (John 8:44). Ignore its religious and poetic significance – Jesus the man has a Marxist genius for the social sciences.
The vast expansion of social lying on an industrial scale infected by the political élites in Britain and America, from the US Senators down to the British MPs, the despicable Stanley Morgan Bankers, ridiculous Judges and compulsively lying lawyers down to the Hoteliers and Restaurateurs, and the corner newspaper shops … is turning British and American societies into a humungous societal sewage across the macro- down to the micro-levels, and national governments ignore it to their peril …
Examples of macro-level corruption from Law-Lords to Bankers are everywhere in the news. Let me give an example from the micro-level of economic life – my wife bought a Hoover, VAX, beautifully designed, very pretty, very gay, and boy-oh-boy it makes a massive noise … like a Boeing getting ready to take off … but Suction, for which it should have been sold, it has none!
Obviously, to manufacture a Hoover that sucks the dirt off carpets would be too costly for the company in terms of engineering and paying for licenses. It costs practically nothing to produce noise (hence the camp illusion of suction rather than the actual fact of it), making a financial killing by screwing the busy housewives, happy with the sight of it there standing beautiful and teasing, making the right noises, even though useless for house-cleaning … And what busy husband is going to bother returning the goods after wife’s purchase, trying to prove that his wife’s pretty junk is no good for purpose.
If only there was a rip-off Charity to donate it to the children of Bangladesh, India, Brazil and Kenya, scavenging from the garbage dumps for broken plastic bottles and beaten up metal to sell, our useless Hoover could make them a fortune … instead, we have to pay the local Council money to throw it on their own dumps.
2,500 years after the Athenian invention of Democracy, this greatest of political doctrines – government by the people for the people – has evolved into the Christian governments of Britain and America (pioneered by Mrs. Thatcher and President Reagan) as governance of Liars, by the Liars, and for the Liars – exclusive governments of Liars. Abraham Lincoln (of a Government by-the-people, for-the-people fame), who was probably Jewish, must be spinning in his grave, happy he was shot dead before our post-modern times.
Woe betide mankind for having forgotten what Jesus Christ said (above in John 8:44), Satan “was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies”, our world every day more disappearing up his ass …
The Black Prisoner of the White House
President Obama with his truth shines brilliant in the globalized and globalizing raw capitalist sewage. He is a man of peace, if ever a modern politician could be. I never doubted that he wanted the Guantanamo torture fortress destroyed instantly, and the Turkish genocide of the Armenians recognized as genocide by the imperialist dogs of America.
President Obama would end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, if he could, and he thought he could – make no mistake, the US army is still in Iraq, in barracks (that they are not, is a lie) guarding the robbery of the country’s oil. I think that President Obama even dreams of a nuclear-free world, and mankind living in God’s peace, for all of which reasons the dumb-ass American Tea-party mental retards, who believe in Alien abductions and pornographic genital surgery, call him a “Socialist”… one thing Obama can never be even if he tried!
The trouble with the US and the tragedy for the rest of the world is that President Obama, the world’s most powerful man – the grandest of lies – is the prisoner of the US military-industrial complex, against which President Eisenhower, had warned the American people back in the 1950’s. Nothing proves better the truth of Eisenhower’s prophetic prediction, and President Obama’s political imprisonment in the White house by the US military-industrial élite than the statistical fact that “American weapons sales abroad tripled in 2011, reaching US $66.3 billion …. All in all, US arms sales amounted to 78 per cent of the global foreign weapons sales”
Ironically, the first time President Obama exposed his imprisonment to the world was when he shot himself in the foot by reneging on his firm and absolute pre-election promise to the million strong American Armenian voters that he would acknowledge their genocide when elected a President. He did not, because he could not, being in chains, to which followed the reneging on all the rest of his intended humanitarian policies … Guantanamo is still open and operating viciously, and the killings in Afghanistan and Iraq go on and on pumping the pockets of the fat-ass US Senators and corporate industrialists with pure gold.
Since the attack on peaceful Iraq on the infamous filthy lie (of the WMD’s), for a decade now, every day, at least 2 million barrels of oil are produced and sold… Yet no one, but no one of an investigative journalist of the free world media, dares ask, let alone find out where the money has gone – dollars, not in millions, but billions and billions and billions of god-cursed blood-soaked damned dollars.
The war of Iraq indeed was no more than to rob Iraq of its oil, and incidentally of its archeological treasures – nobody knows where the contents of the Museum of Baghdad were emptied, while Afghanistan grows the poppies hoovered up into the cocaine-nostrils of the New York Wall Street Bankers.
Those of us free of money-obsession, could have forgiven all that evil, if innocent humans were not murdered for it – the dead of Iraq has passed the million mark … and Afghanistan is not far behind, while their cities are piles of Depleted Uranium rubble and polluted dust.
Could there be any living thing nastier than George Bush Jr., the butcher of Iraq?
Bush stole the votes of the American people twice to become enough President ready to steal the oil of Iraq for his dumb-ass Dick Cheney mates with depleted uranium bombs.
As Bush was the pits, the evil genius of the American military-industrial complex could hit upon Barack Obama, the total angelic opposite of the Spanish-driveling Bush-devil.
Obama’s entry into the white house was even a revolutionary act of great historical significance – as my psychologist wife, Clare Pilikian (of Jamaican parents) states;
“The white Christians did all to annihilate us, they enslaved us, enchained us, imprisoned us, drugged us, whored us, killed us, but finally had to give us the keys of the White House to save their own white skin!”,
it turned out for a bit of obscene fun papering over the genocidal crimes of the Bush regime. Dick Cheney, the Satan of the Halliburton piece, in a cameo performance worthy of an Oscar, in terror of the ire of the American masses gathered to witness the inauguration of President Obama, playacted a half-man half-baboon with-a-broken-leg rushing bent-over in and out of a limousine, to win the sympathy of the million Americans gathered there.
Even Obama’s half-black presence (for his mother was white) shall produce its evolutionary psychological long-term effect on the psyche of the American people, leaving an indelible positive mark longitudinally on their historical development for centuries to come.
President Obama carried the hopes on his broad shoulders of the better half of mankind, their dreams for a world free of imperialist wars. Alas, alack, those dreams were soon shattered into nightmares.
It was naïve of the millions of Obama fans to think that he was truly a free agent. The Homeless in New York have more freedom than the well-groomed President in the White House. It was very clear very soon, when he first shot himself in the foot on the genocide issue of the Armenians that President Obama was no more than a puppet, with the strings pulled by the Hamburger-gobbling soda-guzzling fat farting rulers of America.
The Slave-ship of the Washington State
One of the most memorable definitions of the classical Greeks in political theory was the discovery of the metaphor of the Ship of State. Being a sea-faring people, it came naturally to them. They conceived of the State as a Ship sailing on the tempestuous seas of passionate citizens, living an emotional irrational life of “a sea of troubles” (later Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s take on life in general). The Athenian Greeks thought of their rulers as captains of their ship of state sailing the seas in search of a peaceful safe harbor.
The slave-ships of Anglo-America chained the magnificent muscular free-spirited Africans in the filthy bowels of their rotten ships, which is precisely what the low-life of the American political élite today has done to the glorious good man Obama, enchaining him, like a Black African slave, to the captain’s desk in the ship of the White House.
They use and abuse him as a whipping boy, according to their perverted desires, forcing him to dance naked for the mad military generals with their fingers in the mud-pies of global genocides and wars in Libya and Syria, and perhaps soon in huge Iran … and little Armenia via rotten Azerbaijan.
A massive network of sewage pipe work is being completed pre-presidential election in the US to pour American human dung on President Obama’s head, portraying him as an Islamizer, a crypto-Muslim determined to convert the Western world to … Islam, a job the Saudi pseudo-Royal family could easily accomplish if they were not already corrupted as un-true Muslims ploughed into the bone-marrows with alcohol and whores. The Saudi Arabian oil is exclusively produced for the consumption of the US, which has harbored its 5th Fleet in Bahrain.
President Obama is abused internationally ruthlessly conspiratorially by the American political élite as an Islamizer to titillate the Saudi Rulers. Everybody knows (including the Saudi Rulers) it is a grand lie, but it serves everybody’s interest to pretend belief in it. A life-long good friend of mine, a Scientific Officer at a world-famous institution is so convinced by the truth of the lie, that he is on the verge of joining all kinds of racist fascist neo-Nazi organizations to prevent the immanent conversion of the Christian Western world to … Islam and the regressive Sharia laws, already chopping heads and limbs regularly in the Saudi Kingdom, under the watchful noses of the US fleet and the CIA.
Poor President Obama in chains – he ain’t free … he must be laughing his head off every time he hears an idiot saying he is the most powerful man in the world!
He may even be given a second slave-term in office, in the White House ship of state … as his opponent, the cold-blooded Mormon Business-Robot Mitt Romney is worse than … George Bush – He can kill – in his dream – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamanei without a moment’s hesitation, plunging the world into the Mormon Armageddon!
Mr. Obama’s military-industrial complex-ed slave-masters may think time is not yet ripe for a second coming of a double-Bush … Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.
God help us all, to see this year through, predicted by the Mayans as the end of our world soiled by the British American imperialist swine, with their noses in the trough of their nations’ GDPs, and the natural resources of the world’s poorest nations in Afro-Asia.
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