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Zaruhi Harutyunyan, playing a category A tournament in Roehampton - U.K. beat Clara Duarte no. 38 ITF ranked junior in the world 6-2 6-1.


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The Chairman of The Armenian National Committee of Cyprus unger Puzant Nadjarian, passed away this morning at his home.
Unger Nadjarian was a member of the ARF Dashnaktsoutiun and served for several years in the Cyprus Gomideh. He was a member of the Artsakank Armenian-language Editorial Board.
He will be greatly missed by his family, party comrades and his community, as well as thousands of Cypriots who knew him.
The Funeral will take place on Saturday 12 March at 2:30 pm at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church in Nicosia.
In lieu of wreaths, it is the family's wish that donations are made to Artsakank Armenian-language newspaper and The Armenian National Committee (Hay Tad) of Cyprus.

Gibrahayer e-magazine March 5 - Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and Azeri President Ilkham Aliyev met in Sochi at the invitation of President Dmitry Medvedev aimed at finding a solution to the Karabakh stalemate.
They also agreed to hold joint investigations of skirmishes along the ceasefire line, which in 2010 has killed two dozen soldiers. The two men also
agreed to complete a previously agreed swap of prisoners of war and bodies of killed soldiers.
Omphalos tis gis - About 30,000 Turkish Cypriots took part in a demonstration in the northern part of Nicosia on Wednesday against Turkey’s economic austerity package, which they say will force the community to emigrate, the Cyprus Mail reported.
“This country is ours. We will govern ourselves!” read banners carried by the protesters at what was the largest rally staged by the community since those in support of a UN-backed plan to reunite the island in 2004.
Discontent has been growing in the north since Ankara forced the ruling National Unity Party (UBP) to implement sweeping austerity measures aimed at cutting back on what it sees as the north’s bloated public sector. Some salaries in the sector have GIBRAHAYER e-magazinebeen cut by up to 40 per cent, and there are plans to privatize some of the north’s ‘state–run’ corporations – a move unions believe will lead to mass redundancies.
“We want the world to hear that we want peace and reunification. We want a future,” one protestor told the Cyprus Mail, while others expressed the desire for self-determination.
“We want to rule ourselves. Right now we don’t have sovereignty, but this is our country; we have to be the ones to run it,”
Even Democrat Party (DP) leader Serdar Denktash, son of the founder of the ‘TRNC’ Rauf Denktash, told the Mail earlier that he would join the rally, because he wanted Turkey to “respect the administration” in the north as a “truly sovereign authority”.
A similar rally in January gathered over 10,000 protesters and provoked the anger of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan who, after seeing banners calling on Ankara to “leave the Turkish Cypriots alone”, blasted the community for receiving Turkish financial aid while simultaneously telling Ankara to get out of its affairs. Erdogan raised tension in February by replacing his ‘Ambassador’ to Nicosia with Halil Ibrahim Akca, the chief architect of the austerity package.
Clearly angered by what they saw as Erdogan’s “insults” to the community, many of yesterday’s demonstrators again carried banners calling on his Justice and Development Party (AKP) to “get your hands off the Turkish Cypriots” – a move that can be expected to further irritate the Turkish leader.
Speaking to the rally, head of the Turkish Cypriot Teachers’ Union (KTOS) Sener Elcil called for Turkey to end its policy of running the north from Ankara, and issued an appeal to Greek Cypriots and the EU to help end the division of the island.
“We will put pressure on Turkey. We will put pressure on the Greek Cypriots. And we will put pressure on the EU. Turkish Cypriots will be the power behind reunification,” he said.
The demonstration on the whole passed off peacefully with police exercising their power to confiscate banners they saw as provocative or insulting to Turkey.
The owner of the outspoken Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika Sener Levent and a number of supporters were turned back from the rally when they tried to enter Inonu Square, the rally’s destination, carrying a banner reading, “You saved us? Hassiktir!”, a mild curse for Cypriots but highly insulting for Turks.
Protesters carrying the Cyprus Republic flag were also prevented from entering the square.
Commenting on the rally, head of the Eastern Mediterranean University’s (EMU) Cyprus Policy Centre Ahmet Sozen told the Cyprus Mail the protest stemmed from an almost universal desire among Turkish Cypriots for self-determination.
“This is not the same as saying they want their own state, but they want to rule themselves, either in a federation with the Greek Cypriots, or if that isn’t going to come in the near future, without the interference of Ankara, he said”.
ANKARA, Turkey Setimes - Combined sources from Famagusta Gazette, Vatan, Radikal - 08/03/11; World Bulletin, Journal of Turkish Weekly - Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said last Monday, March 7, that a pipeline that will supply drinking water from Turkey to northern Cyprus will carry 75m cubic metres a year.
Erdogan was speaking at a ceremony launching construction of the dam for the project near the Mediterranean coastal town of Anamur. Pipeline construction began in November and is expected to be completed in three years.
By Don Jeffrey March 4 (Bloomberg) - An Armenian group sued the U.S. Federal Reserve under the Freedom of Information Act to force the disclosure of information on gold or other assets, seized from Armenians by the Turkish government in 1915.
The nonprofit Center for Armenian Remembrance said that Armenian assets called “Turkish gold” - money totaling about five million pounds (around 8 million dollars) - were seized during the“ Armenian Holocaust,” in a court papers filed today in U.S. District Court in New York.
The seizure was made under “a Turkish directive to deem all Armenians’ assets abandoned,” Julia Greenberg, the lawyer for the nonprofit group, said in a letter to the Federal Reserve board.
The Turkish government deposited the assets in Germany’s Reichsbank, and they were later taken by the U.S. and other Allied powers at the end of World War I under the Treaty of Versailles, the center said.
BBC 7 March, 2011 - A Turkish court has sent to jail a writer and six journalists in the past two days over their roles in an alleged plot to overthrow the government.
Prosecutors say a hardline nationalist group tried to bring down PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government in 2003.
Four hundred suspects are already on trial in the so-called Ergenekon case.
Two leading investigative journalists were put in jail on Sunday. On Monday, government critic Yalcin Kucuk and four more journalists were imprisoned.
All seven were picked up in raids on their homes last week which have raised alarm among the EU and media rights groups and prompted demonstrations by thousands of people in Ankara and Istanbul.
The Turkish Journalists' Association spoke of a "climate of fear" caused by the arrest of dissident journalists.
And critics have complained that the Ergenekon investigation has focused on opponents of Mr Erdogan's Islamist-rooted AK Party government.
The hall of the Glendale Public Library filled quickly on Thursday night as people gathered to hear a unique program, paying tribute to Vahan Bedelian, music master. While few in the hall were musicians themselves, a great number had been influenced by his teaching, whether as budding violin students or through his work at the Melkonian Educational Institute, the church or in one of the many choirs, bands or orchestras he led over his 96 years. Organised by Mark Chenian, the evening brought together 3 of his students, Maestro Sebouh Abcarian and violinists Haroutune Bedelian (son) and Levon Chilingirian (great-nephew) as well as pianist Lorna Griffitt and Dr. Susan Pattie, anthropologist and director of the Armenian Institute, London.
Abcarian gave a poetic and powerful preface to the evening, outlining the genetic code of music-making at the Melkonian from Parsegh Ganatchian (Kanachian) through Bedelian to himself, each making memorable and outstanding contributions. With some further words of introduction of each piece, Abcarian presented a video of three songs beautifully performed by members of the Kohar Symphony and Choir, directed by himself. The sequence ended with the ringing high notes of Yegeghetsi Haygagan by Bedelian. Susan Pattie followed this with a richly illustrated presentation, outlining an exciting new project that begins with a documentary film about Cypriot Armenians. As Pattie noted, many successful films are narrative and character-driven and Vahan Bedelian has been chosen as the focus for this film -- An Armenian Century: Building community through music in Cyprus. It is hoped that this film will provide a model for a series of films about different communities in the Armenian Diaspora. The succession of slides from archival sources and Pattie’s own fieldwork demonstrated the variety of themes that would be covered through one man’s life and how through him, different people and corners of the larger community would also come into focus.
After a short break, the evening took a new turn with an hour of live performance. In different combinations, the musicians played a variety of pieces, beginning with Bedelian, then Bartok, Gomitas, Khachadourian and finally the Bach double concerto, accompanied by piano continuo. Each of these well-known musicians performed at their peak, exhilarated by the rare opportunity to play together and by the purpose of the evening, honoring their original teacher and mentor. Bedelian and Griffitt, both professors of music at University of California, Irvine, perform together at international festivals as well as concerts in the U.S. Chilingirian is leader of the Chilingirian Quartet and professor at the Royal College of Music, London and the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, England.
Mark Chenian took the stage at the end to thank the performers and to state that the time is ripe to chronicle and document the processes of change across the Diaspora over the twentieth and now twenty-first century. A reception followed, catered by “Favorite Place”, Glendale, and the audience stayed on until late, savoring the evening.
Fund-raising has now begun to carry this first project forward and the co-producers, Dr. Susan Pattie and Vahan Aynedjian, welcome enquiries and contributions. In Cyprus the following organisations and media have already signaled their support for the film: Mr. Vartkes Mahdessian, Armenian Representative, Cyprus House of Representatives; Kalaydjian Foundation; Pharos Arts Foundation; Moufflon Bookstore; Artsakank Monthly, Azad Tsayn, and Gibrahayer e-Magazine. In the U.S., sponsors include Diaspora Journal, Lark Musical Society, Armenian American Chamber of Commerce, Abril Books, the Melkonian Educational Institute Alumni and the Roslin Art Gallery.
To contact:
(U.S. and Canada)
Please make your contribution checks payable to: AACC/Concert and mail to:
Mark Chenian, P.O.Box 48829, Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA
(Cyprus) Vahan Aynedjian:
For cheques in Euros, please make payable to The Armenian Institute and mail to Vahan Aynedjian, P.O.Box 24609, Nicosia 1301, Cyprus
(U.K) Dr. Susan Pattie:
For cheques in Pounds Sterling, please make payable to The Armenian Institute and mail to Dr. Susan Pattie, 7 Hollingbourne Road, London SE24 9NB UK

The gathering is open to all members of the Armenian community

New development project overlooking Larnaca Salt Lake, by three young Armenian professionals of our community Click here .
ERDOGAN AND THE GADDAFI HUMAN RIGHTS PRIZE - The absurdity of embattled Libyan leader Mommar Gadaffi’s reign has many dimensions, one which is the “Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights,” which last November was awarded to none other than his closer friend and ally, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The prize is awarded every year to an individual who has worked toward protecting and advancing human rights.
“The Prize categorically believes that freedom is an indivisible natural right for Man; it is not a gift or grace from anybody, and that safeguarding it is a general human responsibility,” said a press release describing the award and announcing the 2010 winner.
Erdogan, who traveled to Tripoli in November to claim the “coveted” prize was honored.
“You can be sure that this award will encourage our struggle for human rights in regional and global sense,” said Erdogan.
“The only thing we want in our region and in the globe is peace and justice. If there is prosperity in the region, every state will benefit. All regional states would benefit from peace, harmony and stability. Everyone must be sure of one thing: Whatever we want for ourselves, we also want for others,” he added.
Not surprisingly, Erdogan was a holdout in international efforts and concerns regarding the Libyan uprising against Gaddafi.
On Sunday, he was quoted as criticizing the international community by saying: “We are not one of those who see oil when looking at the Middle East. We are not one of those who see unearned income when looking at the Balkans. We are not one of those who look at the Caucasus, Asia and Africa with interest considerations.”
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News in Brief by Sevag Devletian
  • More than 300 Young Professionals (YP) from across the country gathered for the 12th annual AGBU Winter Gala to celebrate the “Love of Life” in Northern California, to raise money for the AGBU Children Center’s in Yerevan.
  • An Ankara-based group calling itself the Contemporary Journalists’ Association is planning a ceremony on April 24, during which the names of ten Armenians, among them Siamanto, Taniel Varoujan, Krikor Zohrab and Roupen Zartarian, will be added into the list of slain journalists in Turkey.
  • Emmy will represent Armenia in 2011 Eurovision song contest with a retro, disco-style song entitled "Boom Boom". Watch it at the following link .
  • A decoration imitating the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Dzidzernagapert was used at the opening and closing of the 25th Winter Universiade Games in the Turkish city of Erzurum, held from January 27 to February 6. According to Nethaber website, the replica of the monument caused a scandal in Turkey.
  • Yerevan was renamed as Erivan on Google Maps. The change was fixed by Armenian bloggers, who are now working to change it back to Yerevan. According to information security expert and blogger Samvel Martirosyan, such changes are periodically attempted by Azerbaijani users. "Moderators always get a lot of suggestions for editing and changing. I think it will take several days to change it back to Yerevan."
Taken from the ancient Armenian oral tradition and
culture, The Greedy Sparrow: An Armenian Tale
(Retold by Lucine Kasbarian, illustrated by Maria
Zaikina, Marshall Cavendish April 2011) begins in
old Armenia with a sparrow who catches a thorn in
his foot. As the sparrow asks for help, he sets off
an intriguing cycle of action that transports him
through the Armenian countryside, encountering
people engaged in traditional folkways. This lushly
illustrated folk tale conveys messages for all
ages about kindness, trickery and using one’s
judgment. Companion study guide available at:
Letters to the Editor
From Hovik Nersissian - Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Sireli Hayer, Gibrahay gam ayl...
Whatever I read about the offence on "Gibrahayer" Facebook is really a dirty job. I would suggest strict follow up on the issue until all the details are highlighted and revealed.
However, I am sure this is not an "anti-Gibrahayer" matter but probably "anti-Armenian"
Don't you think so??
Wish all of you all the best dears.
from , unnamed and unsigned
Commenting on pro-commentary from Varto Joukakelian - Canada
I have protested before about your website showing nudity and yet I see a pro-commentary in this regard.
To my understanding this man worships the world of darkness world of evil.
I also realize the world has become gradually more evil than ever.
People like Varto Joukakelian and "You" are justifying yourselves making your own laws, although it is against God's Law!!
I doubt you both are Christian Armenians, if you say you are then you both are Hippocrates, I would also say wolves under the sheep's skin.
If so you claim you are Lost Christian, Lost sheep, then:
John 2:15-17, Matthew 5:28, Leviticus 18:9, Proverbs 6:25
Dear Nareg Alumni,
The Administration of Nareg Schools would like to develop a database with contact details of our “old boys and girls” in order to communicate with you regarding the upcoming 40th Anniversary events which will be organised during the next academic year.
If you are interested in being included in our database, please send an e-mail to mentioning your name, surname (also maiden name where applicable) and year of graduation. In case you have not graduated from the school, please mention the years and classes you have attended.
We look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely,
Vera Tahmazian - Principal - Nareg Armenian Schools
TENNIS FOR ALL - Group lessons for children and adults, private lessons for amateurs or professionals, lessons given by certified tennis coaches in Acropolis Nicosia, At Terra Santa newly-built tennis courts. You may also rent courts on a short or long-term basis. Call Jeremy on 96531869.
Gibrahayer Calendar Events
  • Friday 11 March at 8:00 pm - POSTPONED - HMEM/AYMA's Annual General meeting for Friday 18 March AT 8:00 PM (look further down the calendar)
  • Saturday 12 March at 7:00 pm - POSTPONED - Armenian Tree Project lecture organised by the Kalaydjian Foundation for Tuesday 15 March.
  • Tuesday 15 March at 7:00 pm - Presentation by Alla Berberyan - a representative of the at the Utudjian Hall of the Armenian Prelature, organised by the Kalaydjian Foundation. The presentation will include a description of the ATP's activities and achievements in Armenia, as well as its unique approach to environmental education. The presentation will be in Armenian and the documentary in English.
  • Friday 18 March at 8:00 pm - HMEM/AYMA's Annual General meeting.
  • Sunday 20 March at 1:00 pm - POSTPONED - Mid-Lent ‘’Michink” lunch at the HMEM/AYMA. Organised by The Armenian Relief Society (HOM) Cyprus ‘’Sosse’’ Chapter where Armenian traditional home made and vegetarian food and desserts will be served.
  • Friday 8 April at 8:00 pm - The Armenian Relief Society Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter and Roupen Nahabedian invite you to the opening of an art selling exhibition of works by French-Armenian expressionist painter, Garabed A. Momdjian (Bolis 1922 – Paris 2006) at the Utudjian Hall of The Armenian Prelature. G.A. Momdjian was born in Bolis in 1922 and is the recipient of many prizes, amongst which, 1st prize of Chambre de Metiers de la Seine, 1956, 1st prize at Festival Artistique et Culturel de JAF, 1957 and Medaille d’Argent de la Ville de Paris, which is one of the highest honours awarded to nationals of any country in recognition of their contributions to French and/or international culture. Duration of exhibition: 8–10 April, 11am-1pm & 5:00–7:00pm.
  • Monday, April 11 at 8:00 pm - Book Launching: Manuel Kassouni (Cyprus - Armenian scholar and educator) Historical studies Reminiscences and Memoires and recognition (Barkevadroum) for Mrs. Nevart Panayotidou - Kassouni long years of community services in Cyprus. The event will take place in Utudjian Hall and is under the auspices of H.E. Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian, Prelate of Cyprus, and the patronage of Vartkes Mahdessian, Armenian Representative in Cyprus Parliament.
  • Tuesday 12 April at 7.30 pm - Painting Exhibition by Sevan Malikyan entitled “Painting Within” at Kypriaki Gonia Gallery in Larnaca. Opening by Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian. British Armenian actor Kevork Malikyan will also be present at the opening.
  • GIBRAHAYER e-magazineSaturday 16 April at 4:00 pm - Easter Tea Bazaar Fundraiser for Armenian Relief Society Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter's humanitarian projects in Armenia and Artsakh at AYMA/HMEM.
  • Sunday April 17 at 11:00 am - after Church service - Dzaghgazart Cake Bazaar organised by Nareg Parents Association Nicosia, at Nareg school's entrance Hall.
  • Sunday April 17 at 8:00 pm - Hamazkayin "Oshagan" Cyprus Chapter's annual theatrical performance at PASIDY Hall. "Ges hay in LA" written and directed by Natasha Tavoukjian.
  • Sunday 8 May - Pilgrimage to St. Magar Monastery organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative Vartkes Mahdessian. Details to follow.
Armenian Sports by Sevag Devletian
  • WOMENS FOOTBALL: A penalty from Kristine Mangasaryan gave Armenia a draw against UEFA Women's EURO 2013 preliminary round Group 2 hosts Malta, first place and a berth in qualifying group stage draw. The group stage draw of the 2011-13 UEFA European Women's Championship will take place at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland, this Monday March 14.
  • FIFA: Armenia dropped three places to take the 65th position with 501 points in the FIFA rankings published on March 8. Russia went down to 13th place, Slovakia to 22nd, Ireland climbed to 34th place while Macedonia are 83rd.
  • FOOTBALL: The Republican Stadium in Yerevan will host the Armenia vs. Russia match on March 26, at 5 p.m. local Cyprus time.
  • CHESS: In the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2010-2011 tournament, Armenia’s Elina Danielyan finished 5th while Lilit Mkrtchyan ranked 11th.
  • KARATE: Armenia grabbed one gold, one silver and four bronze medals at the Swiss Karate Open. 1133 karatekas from 27 countries participated.
  • CHESS: Between March 11-25, Levon Aronian will participate in the 20th Amber Blindfold & Rapid Tournament, which will bring together the world's best chess players.
  • OBITUARY: Frank Chirkinian (1926 - March 4, 2011) was an Armenian-American CBS Sports producer, who received the honour of the Sports Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. He was a member of the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and is credited with the idea of mounting a camera on the blimps that fly over sporting events.
Gibrahay Sports by Sevag Devletian
  • AGBU Ararat defeated AEL of Limassol 2-6 in the Cyprus Futsal Premier League.
  • Homenmen suffered a 2-7 defeat at the hands of Arion Ergaton in the Cyprus Futsal 2nd Division.
  • HMEM/AYMA continued its unbeaten run by recording a 0-0 draw against AOL Lakatamia in the Cyprus Amateur Football 2nd Division.
  • AGBU Ararat U-17's recorded a 6-3 win against SPE Strovolou U-17's in the Cyprus U-17 Futsal League.

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