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Zaruhi Harutyunyan, playing a category A tournament in Roehampton - U.K. beat Clara Duarte no. 38 ITF ranked junior in the world 6-2 6-1.


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Gibrahayer e-magazine press release - Nicosia 28 February, 2011 - After unsuccessful attempts to bring Gibrahayer e-magazine website ( down, "unknown" Internet hackers have attacked Gibrahayer's 5,000 + community of global Facebook friends and halted its activity for more than 10 days.
Gibrahayer e-magazine's Sevag Devletian said that they had done everything necessary to restore Gibrahayer's Facebook account, but this had not been successful until now. "Facebook have asked for ID, web and email verification and we are in the process of providing and authenticating that with them", Sevag Devletian said.
"We are behind strong servers for our website and weekly e-magazine, but as we do not have 100% control over Facebook, not all defences are up to us" Devletian added.
Gibrahayer's Simon Aynedjian said that "people are recognising the power of social media and the Internet, that is why the wars on information are being strategically targeted".
"I guess we have lost this little battle of losing a Facebook account for a fortnight" Aynedjian said and concluded. "The war to silence our word will have one victor. These momentary glitches have minimal effect on the outcome over time."
Gibrahayer e-magazine – Nicosia – 3 March, 2011 - The Cyprus Parliament is eager to bring about changes in laws and procedures connected to the religious minorities, Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian informed Gibrahayer commenting on a article that appeared on February 18, 2011 in Politis newspaper.
The main objective of the amendments are the upgrade and enhancement of the role of the representative of the religious groups that would also bring about more transparency and checks and balances in community governance. Mahdessian added that these new changes would bring about more active and direct involvement of the community in the decision making process.
Mahdessian said things are progressing in the right direction and that he will inform the community – as he has always done – as soon as this process is completed.
In a press release released on March 1, Dr. Antranik Ashdjian announced his candidature for the position of the Armenian MP in the Cyprus Parliament, in which he stated that his decision to run as a candidate was because he felt he was enjoying the confidence and respect of the overwhelming majority of the members, factions and trends of our community, and that he was “worried about the sad internal situation and weak external picture presented by the community”, and that he felt that everybody was “increasingly embracing and endorsing my candidacy as the best option for coming out of the deadlocks we are facing.”
He stated that as a trustworthy candidate, the community would elect him and he concluded “I am sure, that the sole winner in these elections will be harmony, cooperation, mutual respect, unity, and above all, our community itself."
The preparation of a film is announced at the event
On Thursday February 24, 2011 Glendale Armenians had the opportunity to enjoy five distinguished artists and scholars in the Glendale Public Library auditorium. The occasion was an event dedicated to "Vahan Bedelian: Life and Times". Three of his internationally acclaimed students were there, to pay tribute to the musician-pedagogue Vahan Bedelian, who lived most of his life in Cyprus, in the 20th century.
Maestro Sebouh Abcarian, who is now the artistic director and conductor of KOHAR Ensemble, Bedelian's own son Haroutune, who is a professor of violin in the University of California Irvine (UCI), as well as
founder of Chilingirian String Quartet, Vahan's great-nephew Levon Chilingirian.
The latter two were joined by their wives on stage, each in their own capacity: Lorna Griffitt on piano and Susan Pattie, who presented the documentary film. A project she is working on, dedicated to the Armenian community, having Vahan Bedelian as a central figure in the story, portraying his influence in the building of the community, especially in the fields of culture and music.
The project is now in the stage of acquiring funding for proceeding to production.
Some attendants expressed the wish to participate in the fund-raising for the documentary, which is going to follow.
The capacity-full audience lingered on for a long time after the end of the concert, to have the opportunity to chat with the participants and to go for a trip down memory lane, bringing back memories from Cyprus, especially from the Melkonian days.
An attendant
We will have a full report on the Wednesday March 2 demonstrations organised by the Turkish Cypriots in occupied Nicosia, in Gibrahayer emagazine's, next week's issue.
Click here to view images, speeches and press releases from the protest organised a fortnight ago for a demilitarized Nicosia and a demilitarized Cyprus.
Gibrahayer e-magazine 1 March 2011 - Armenians throughout the world commemorated the pogroms in Sumgait, Kirovabad and Baku, initiated by Azerbaijan 23 years ago in large-scale demonstrations in front of Azerbaijani embassies gatherings in major cities such as Washington, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Buenos Aires, Beirut and Aleppo.
The image on the left (sent by Armenia newspaper) is from the demonstration in Buenos Aires in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy.
Armenia acquired “unprecedented” quantities of modern weaponry last year and will continue the military build-up in 2011, Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan announced on Tuesday.
Ohanyan gave no details of those acquisitions as he met with the faculty and students of Yerevan State University. He said only that 2010 was “unprecedented for us in terms of obtaining weapons and military hardware.”
“The expansion of our military capacity will continue in 2011, and it will be no less large-scale than it was in 2010,” Ohanyan told RFE/RL’s Armenian service after the meeting. “Let me not specify numbers.”
Armenia officially confirmed in late December that it possesses Russian-made surface-to-air missiles widely regarded as one of the world’s most potent anti-aircraft weapons. The Armenian military displayed the S-300 air-defence systems in a report broadcast by state television.
Earlier in December, President Serzh Sargsyan and his National Security Council approved a five-year plan to modernize Armenia’s armed forces. It envisages, among other things, the acquisition of long-range precision-guided weapons.
Armenian officials do not deny that the plan is connected with the ongoing military build-up in Azerbaijan and Baku’s threats to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict by force.
Ohanyan reiterated Tuesday that the Armenian side is seeking to not only stay in the arms race but also improve the combat-readiness of its troops. “We are trying to concentrate on raising qualitative standards and combat spirits,” he said. The ongoing “serious defence reforms” will also strengthen the army, the minister said.
The Azerbaijani government has said that it will sharply increase military spending to over $3 billion this year. By comparison, Armenia’s defence budget for 2011 is projected to reach only $405 million.
Armenia has sought to maintain the balance of forces in the Karabakh conflict zone with close military ties with Russia that entitle it to receiving Russian weapons at cut-down prices or even free of charge. Analysts believe that it will continue doing so in the years to come.
A new Russian-Armenian defence agreement signed last August, commits Moscow to helping Yerevan obtain “modern and compatible weaponry and (special) military hardware.”
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Simon Aynedjian - Chief Editor Gibrahayer e-magazine - 1 March, 2011
Aisha Gaddafi is as beautiful as the picture tells.
Perhaps even more in real life.
She may be the secret dream for many men in Libya and elsewhere.
She is also part of a seemingly untouchable regime.
Aisha Gaddafi has a problem though.
Together with her brothers and papa, they are part of an autocratic regime, linked to abuse of power, lack of transparency, democracy and human rights and the use of blind terror.
Even if they survive this wave of people's revolt, they will definitely not survive the next. This is the fate of all regimes that have not embraced the fundamental norms of civil society. Egypt, the Soviet Union, white South Africa ... unfortunately for them all ... the list has been too long.
Armenia is as beautiful as her pictures tell.
Perhaps even more in our dreams.
However, Armenia has a problem.
Successive regimes, starting from the mother of all frauds and champion demagogue - Levon Ter Petrosyan - and Armenia's mafia-style alliances that have knitted a criminal web until today, have brought about much discontent among the people of Armenia, who have already inherited a land-locked country and the remnants of Soviet rule.
Whether it is Ghadaffi's sons and daughter or an alliance built on unchallenged control, whether it is a suppressive regime built on Interpol-wanted fugitive Vano Siradeghyan's prototype, or the African mercenaries who sustain the grip on power in Libya, the events of the last months in the Arab-African continent, remind us again, that countries and organisations that rule away from democratic institutions and processes, will soon collapse like paper castles.
Libya's castle is crumbling.
Who will be next?
News in Brief by Sevag Devletian
  • The Yerevan State Mime Theater will be on tour in Cyprus. Details to follow.
  • The President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso, Secretary-General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon have issued a statement condemning the Georgian authorities' toughening policy towards the ethnic Armenians in the country. They particularly voice concerns over the violations of the political, civil, linguistic, educational, religious and cultural rights of the Javakhk Armenians and call for the release of the detained political activist Vahagn Chahkhalyan who has been GIBRAHAYER e-magazinesentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.
  • Hearst-owned women's glossy Cosmopolitan is continuing its expansion with a launch in Armenia. The publisher, which owns the National Magazine Company in the UK, has launched an Armenian edition, starting with the March 2011 issue. Cosmopolitan Armenia will be published in partnership with Media Partners CJSC and will have an initial print run of 5,000. Duncan Edwards, president and CEO of Hearst Magazines International, said "We are confident that Cosmo will do well with Armenian women." The debut issue of Cosmopolitan Armenia will feature Armenian-American celebrity Kim Kardashian on its cover.
  • Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued an order to demolish the Statue of Humanity in Kars by the request of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the former Mayor of Kars has said. "The arguments to tear down the monument vary, whereas the real cause is not being disclosed to the public," Naif Alibeloglu told Euractiv in an interview. "They want to scrap the monument by the request of Ilham Aliyev. We are now dependent on them as they supply us with oil and natural gas. That's the root cause," he said. The decision to tear down the Statue of Humanity was made by the municipality of Kars earlier this year. The Monument of Humanity which symbolizes the Armenia-Turkish friendship was described grotesque by PM Erdogan who visited Kars in January this year.
Direct to Yerevan - Armenia
Letters to the Principal
the " Iconoclastic & irreverent " Arto Haroutunian responds to an invitation from the Principal of Nareg Vera Tahmazian after he received an invitation from her to participate in a committee to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Nareg school
To The Principal Nareg School - Nicosia - Cyprus
Mrs. V. Tahmazian.

Dear Madam,
I have received and carefully read your letter of invitation for a meeting to be held on the 23rd of February.
Under normal circumstances one would be pleased if not flattered to receive such a noble invitation, however, I cannot refrain from informing you the fact I am alarmed by "being called to the school principal's office."
I was of the opinion that the matter with the broken windows was settled back in the early 70's.
The matter with the "nudist magazine " was settled by the then principal Mr.Avedisian ..... so why am I being called to the headmistress's office again?
I admitted to all misdemeanors nearly 40 years ago.
Mrs. Tahmazian; whatever the circumstance of my attendance at Nareg and my henceforth absence from the then graduation ceremony now lay in the dark and distant past, I ask your office to lay the past to rest.
In view of the laps of time (40 years) and the absence of any communications or accusation from your institution placed me under the assumption that the past was history.
person of your academic and social skills will soon find in your records that I was in fact expelled 27 times from Nareg, if your records do not verify thi,s the Guinness Book of Records will, Page 734.
I was sent out of the classroom 183 times, go and plant trees they said ... I did ! now go and water the trees they said ...I did!
Why was I expelled 27 times ? .....
Because the year ended.
Have I not paid my dues?
Or is it time to prune the trees?
In anticipation to your reply.
Yours Respectfully and Sincerely,
A. Haroutunian ObEcE DdT CoD MsG
Letters to the Editor
From Garo Borinian - Italy
From Varto Joukakelian - Canada
Dear Gibrahayer e-magazine,
# 1
It is your responsibility as a media outlet to tell us, The People, all the bad things our leaders do. I have but the highest respect for journalists who have nothing to gain from, and risk being ostracized for, pointing out misconduct of those in power. It is only by exposing these issues that we can take steps to resolving them. Hiding it will only result in a situation that we now observe in the Middle-East and Africa where The People have on mass revolted against injustice and corruption!
# 2
I am sensitive to the concerns of parents to provocative pictures on Gibrahayer, such as those of Kim Kardashian. On the flip side though I so wish our society was such that children were educated about sexuality like they are taught about sciences. This is part of our identity as human beings. It should be open. Our children would also be educated about respecting nature, each-other, the creatures that share, share (Simon I put the word "share" twice to emphasise it more ... you can remove one if you like) this world with us, and with respect comes proper behaviour such as using technology to cure sickness and not to make nuclear weapons. In this kind of world these "provocative" pictures of Kim would not be an issue.
TENNIS FOR ALL - Group lessons for children and adults, private lessons for amateurs or professionals, lessons given by certified tennis coaches in Acropolis Nicosia, At Terra Santa newly-built tennis courts. You may also rent courts on a short or long-term basis. Call Jeremy on 96531869.
Gibrahayer Calendar Events
  • Wednesday 2 March at 5:00 pm- Vartanant’s Message from CYBC's Armenian program. VARTANIN NAHADAGOUTIOUNE. Speaker: Hrayr Jebejian.
  • Thursday 3 March at 8:30 am - Vartanants hantes by Nareg school students of Kindergarten, Primary and Gymnasium. The event is open for all community members.
  • Thursday 3 March at 10:00 am - Vartanants ceremony at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church.
  • Friday, 4 March at 10:00 am - "Praying for Chile" at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church.
  • Saturday March 5 at 6:30 pm - Armenian Evangelical Church service in Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos Nicosia. Speaker:Hrayr Jebejian.
  • Sunday 6 March at 3:00 - 6:00 pm - Carnival Party at Nareg Hall, organised by The Nareg Parents Association. Entrance: only 5:00 euros. The event is open for all children of the community.
  • Friday 11 March at 8:00 pm - All members are invited to of HMEM/AYMA's Annual General meeting.
  • Sunday 20 March at 1:00 pm - Mid-Lent ‘’Michink” lunch at the HMEM/AYMA. Organised by The Armenian Relief Society (HOM) Cyprus ‘’Sosse’’ Chapter. Armenian traditional home made and delicious vegetarian food and desserts will be served.
  • Friday 8 April at 8:00 pm - The Armenian Relief Society Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter and Roupen Nahabedian invite you to the opening of an art selling exhibition of works by French-Armenian expressionist painter, Garabed A. Momdjian (Bolis 1922 – Paris 2006)
    at the Utudjian Hall of The Armenian Prelature. G.A. Momdjian was born in Bolis in 1922 and is the recipient of many prizes, amongst which, 1st prize of Chambre de Metiers de la Seine, 1956, 1st prize at Festival Artistique et Culturel de JAF, 1957 and Medaille d’Argent de la Ville de Paris, which is one of the highest honours awarded to nationals of any country in recognition of their contributions to French and/or international culture. Duration of exhibition: 8–10 April, 11am-1pm & 5:00–7:00pm.
  • GIBRAHAYER e-magazineMonday, April 11 at 8:00 pm - Book Launching: Manuel Kassouni (Cyprus - Armenian scholar and educator) Historical studies Reminiscences and Memoires and recognition (Barkevadroum) for Mrs. Nevart Panayotidou - Kassouni long years of community services in Cyprus. The event will take place in Utudjian Hall and is under the auspices of H.E. Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian, Prelate of Cyprus, and the patronage of Vartkes Mahdessian, Armenian Representative in Cyprus Parliament.
  • 12th April at 7.30 pm - Painting Exhibition by Sevan Malikyan entitled “Painting Within” at Kypriaki Gonia Gallery in Larnaca. Opening by Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian. British Armenian Kevork Malikyan will also be present at the opening.
    Saturday 16 April at 4:00 pm - Easter Tea Bazaar Fundraiser for Armenian Relief Society Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter's humanitarian projects in Armenia and Artsakh at AYMA/HMEM. Details to follow.
  • Sunday April 17 at 8:00 pm - Hamazkayin "Oshagan" Cyprus Chapter's annual theatrical performance at PASIDY Hall. "Ges hay in LA" written and directed by Natasha Tavoukjian.
  • Sunday 8 May - Pilgrimage to St. Magar Monastry organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative Vartkes Mahdessian. Details to follow.
Armenian Sports by Sevag Devletian
  • JUDO: Winning all of his fights, Armenia’s Armen Nazaryan (66kg) grabbed the gold at Judo World Cup Men -Warsaw 2011. Hovhannes Davtyan (60 kg) won silver.
  • BOXING: Undefeated WBO #1 rated junior middleweight prospect Vanes Martirosyan (28-0, 17 KOs) will shake the rust off of his 9 month layoff when he takes on Bladimir Hernandez (18-4, 16KOs) on March 19 on the Lucian Bute-Brian Magee undercard. The bout takes place in Montreal, Quebec, at the Bell Centre.
  • CHESS: Armenia’s Elina Danielyan and Lilit Mkrtchyan tied their 6th round game at FIDE Grand Prix series in Doha, Qatar. Danielyan dominates the tournament with 5.5 points. Mkrtchyan is 12th with 2 points. In the next round, they will play against Zhu Chen (Qatar) and Xu Yuhua (China) respectively.
  • TENNIS: Argentina’s David Nalbandian retained 19th position (1655 points) in the men’s tennis rankings released by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) on February 28, 2011. Spaniard Rafael Nadal (12390 points) continues to top the rankings, followed by Roger Federer (Switzerland) with 7965 points and Novak Djokovic (Serbia) with 7880 points.
  • WEIGHTLIFTING: Armenia will be represented by 8 men and 3 women at the upcoming European Weightlifting Championships in the Russian city of Kazan between April 11-17.
  • BOXING: Armenian boxer Karen Tadevosyan of Russia beat Arvidas Trizno of Estonia in a 6-round bout during a show in Narva, Estonia.
  • CHESS: Armenia’s Levon Aronian (2,808 points) is the third in the FIDE ratings - Top 100 Players March 2011. India’s Viswanathan Anand tops the list with 2,817 points, followed by Norway’s Magnus Carlsen (2,815 points). Armenia’s Sergei Movsesian, Gabriel Sargissian and Vladimir Akopian are the 29th, 65th and 67th respectively.
Sports by Sevag Devletian
  • AGBU Ararat face AEL of Limassol on Thursday at 8:30pm in the Cyprus Futsal Premier League. AGBU Ararat are ranked 3rd, nine points behind leaders Omonia.
  • Homenmen face Arion Ergaton on Thursday at 9pm in the Cyprus Futsal 2nd Division. Homenmen are ranked eight, just one point above the relegation zone.
  • AYMA/HMEM recorded a well deserved 4-3 victory against League leaders Dasikes in the Cyprus Amateur Football 2nd DivisionFor the first time this year the game attracted a large number of AYMA/HMEM supporters whose constant encouragement earned them a well-deserved win. This was also the first time Dasikes lost this season.
  • The showdown between Asteras/PAEEK U-17's and AGBU Ararat U-17's was cancelled because the home team (Asteras/PAEEK) had only a player on the pitch and the fate of the match will be decided by the Futsal Disciplinary Committee.
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