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Zaruhi Harutyunyan, playing a category A tournament in Roehampton - U.K. beat Clara Duarte no. 38 ITF ranked junior in the world 6-2 6-1.


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Responding to YKP’s call to voice once again in the streets the demand for a Demilitarized Nicosia and a Demilitarized Cyprus, demonstrators met on Saturday, 19 February 2011 at 15:00 in front of Çağlayan Park and marched towards Famagusta Gate in the Çağlayan area which was used as a crossing point before 1974 and a press release was read there...
Parallel to this action, the Initiative “Nicosia without armies and checkpoints” met on the same day at 14:30 at the Orpheas' / Chrysaliniotissa Park and marched to the southern part of Çağlayan which is at Kaimakli, area near the ceasefire line where they read a press statement voicing their demand for a demilitarized Nicosia…
The two groups almost came face to face at Leontiou Machaira Street and Yuksel Street at Çağlayan / Kaimakli, area…
While the protests were going on,
Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis said that Turkey will not give up Cyprus for the EU membership and will not give up EU for Cyprus.
Click here to view images, speeches and press releases from the protest for a demilitarized Nicosia and a demilitarized Cyprus.
Commenting on last week's article on Plot 12:
While Turkey can be a stinker, I just hope that the Cypriots do not cave in on this one (for quick returns on the project). If they do, they will have shortchanged themselves on the more fundamental issue of legitimizing Turkey's illegitimate presence in Cyprus for the long run. I would even say that giving in to Turkey's demands on this issue might let the Europeans off the hook. The Cypriot "hurdle" to Turkey's admission will have been weakened. It should be interesting to get a reading from Alfred de Zayas.
Armen Garoian - USA
Ara Khachatourian - By signing an agreement to endorse President Serzh Sargsyan in the 2013 elections, Armenia’s ruling coalition parties attempted to reinforce their positions for the upcoming 2012 parliamentary elections and the subsequent presidential race.
For the Republican Party of Armenia, Prosperous Armenia and the Country of Law parties, the announcement was a way to assert their rule and block opposition forces from gaining ground or, for that matter, having a voice in government.
The declaration will set Armenia back with grave consequences for its future and any hope for advancement of democratic norms in the country.
In their declaration, the parties claimed to have protected Armenia and its citizens from dangers to national security, economic collapse as a result of the global crisis and ridding the government of corruption and bribery.
Yet a quick glance at their rule, since the 2007 parliamentary elections, only shows that there have been no tangible advances in Armenia, and in some cases, there have been gross violations of human rights and an effort to endanger Armenia’s national security.
“Today the coalition forces have more than 100 deputies,” ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Rustamyan told RFE/RL’s Armenian service on Friday. “Can their presence get any bigger? At whose expense? Must there be no opposition at all in this country?” The coalition has vowed that its campaign for the parliamentary elections will yield even more seats in parliament.
Dashnaktsoutiun Bureau chairman, Hrant Markarian said: “In effect, a dictatorship, a totalitarian system is thus being formed in the government camp.”
If anything, the signing of the declaration should send a clear signal to Armenia’s electorate that the fate of the country and its government is in the hands of the people. For 20 years, successive regimes have used coercion, intimidation and vote rigging to assume power and amass incomprehensible wealth at the expense of the country’s well-being.
The ruling elite must not be allowed to bulldoze through yet another set of elections, through which it aims to cement its hold on both the legislative and executive—and as a result judicial—branches of the government and without the checks and balances continue to govern with impunity and reckless disregard toward the aspirations of its citizens and the Armenian nation.
The people must rise up and learn their rights, empower themselves and take part in elections as informed voters and concerned citizens.
The ARF Dashnaktsoutiun's campaign, announced earlier this week and officially launched on Friday, aims to bring together all facets of society under one tent and engage all voters to take party in a massive electoral reform campaign. The people of Armenia must come together and defeat the ruling coalition’s effort to further solidify its hold on Armenia.
Three Questions Turkey’s Ambassador Would not Answer...
By Harut Sassounian Publisher, The California Courier
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The Kalaydjian Foundation press release - The Kalaydjian Foundation is pleased to announce a series of presentations on the Armenia Tree Project (ATP) which will take place in Cyprus in March.
The presentations will be made by Ms. Alla Berberyan, a representative of the ATP, who will be arriving from Armenia especially for the event. The ATP, a non-profit organisation founded in 1994, is based in Watertown, Massachusetts and Yerevan, Armenia
The first presentation will be on Saturday the 12th of March at 7pm, in the Utudjian Hall in Nicosia. It will include a description of the ATP's activities and achievements in Armenia, as well as its unique approach to environmental education, an approach that has won it international praise and recognition. The presentation will be made in Armenian but a specially made documentary in English will also be shown.
On Monday through Wednesday, the ATP's representative will make short presentations to the students of the Nareg schools in all three towns, during which the importance of environmental education, conservation and sustainable forestry will be explained in a program devised by school children in Yerevan. These presentations are meant to supplement existing lessons on the subject and are aimed at connecting diasporan Armenian students with their environmental heritage.
"Vahan Bedelian, Life and Times in Cyprus"
Thursday, February 24 at 8:00pm in
The name Vahan Bedelian has touched us all with his violin, compositions, conducting and teaching. Please join us to celebrate the legacy of the Armenian Community of Cyprus and her son, Vahan Bedelian. We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, February 24th, 2011 at 8:00pm.
With warm regards,
- Sebouh Abcarian - Artistic Director and Conductor
KOHAR Symphony Orchestra Choir.
- Haroutune Bedelian, Violin–Faculty, University of California, Irvine.
Levon Chilingirian, O.B.E., Violin–Chilingirian Quartet.
Lorna Griffitt, D.M., Piano–Faculty, University of California, Irvine.
Susan Pattie, Ph.D.–Senior Research Fellow, University College, London.

Please R.S.V.P. to:
At the event, Susan Pattie will give a presentation about a documentary film being prepared on the Armenian community in Cyprus and the influence Vahan Bedelian has had on its formation, especially in the musical and cultural fields.
Gibrahayer e-magazine Nicosia 23 February - A new project – a nursery - for the needs of the Armenian community of Cyprus is under study by the Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian that will facilitate the needs of young working parents and their children.
Commenting on the latest project to Gibrahayer e-magazine, Mahdessian said that various options are being studied with relative government officials in order to best serve community needs.
Mahdessian said that he was confident that a nursery in Nicosia would go a long way in assisting young parents tackle an everyday difficult problem.
Dr. Vahakn Aram Khasho Kazandjian MD
Consultant Physician-(Eιδικός Παθολόγος)
GIBRAHAYER e-magazine Dr. Vahakn Aram Khasho Kazandjian is pleased to announce that he will be seeing patients at his new office at Kyriakou Matsi Ave & Rodou 11, Atlantis 5, Suite 301, Ag Omologites, Nicosia.
He specialises in Internal Medicine, having received his certification from the University of Crete. He is also certified as Advanced Life Support Instructor from the European Resuscitation Council.
His vast work experience includes work at the General Hospital of Nicosia in the Department of Internal Medicine, at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre, and at the General Hospital of Athens (Laiko) in the division of diabetes.
For appointments, please call 99556833 or 22499755.
Gibrahayer e-magazine - Nicosia - 23 February - Miss Nora Nadjarian, English teacher at Nareg School in Nicosia, recently organised a school visit to “A UNHCR tent in the heart of the city.” The campaign is an initiative by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Representation in Cyprus, placed under the auspices of the Municipalities of Nicosia and Larnaca and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
A UNHCR official explained to pupils of the 4th and 5th Classes, through the use of a PowerPoint presentation and other means, the difficulties of living in a tent as a refugee. Pupils then had the opportunity to see an exhibition of very touching photographs and to ask questions, as well as express their own opinion. Pupils then completed projects and other written work during their English lesson at school.
News in Brief by Sevag Devletian
  • Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey will raise its dignity, rather than humiliate it, said Turkish human rights activist Ragib Zarakolu, while being honored by the National Library for his contribution to condemning the Armenian Genocide and crimes against humanity.
  • Azerbaijan effectively recognized Karabakh’s independence when its representative negotiated with and signed a cease fire agreement with the authorities of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, explained Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan who was responding to statements made to the contrary by Azerbaijan’s president in an interview with Mir TV.
  • On Tuesday, more than three-hundred Armenian-Canadians from across the country took part in a demonstration in front of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ottawa, organised by AYF Canada and Armen Karo Student Association. The protestors voiced their concern about Azerbaijan’s ongoing aggression, intimidation and hostility towards Armenians.
  • Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis said that Turkey will not give up Cyprus for the EU membership and will not give up EU for Cyprus. Bagis added that it is necessary to agree that there are two states on the island. "A decision, which is not based on political equality, will be accepted neither by the Turkish people in Cyprus, nor by us, their guarantors," he said.
  • "Welcome" signboards in Armenian, Kurdish, Turkish, Assyrian and English have been placed in the three entries of Diyarbakir, the largest city in southeastern Turkey. The signboards were placed upon the initiative of Abdullah Demirbash, head of Suri district of Diyarbakir. "By this we tend to show that Diyarbakir is a multicultural, multilingual and multinational city. Such signboards will be placed on the 4 doors of the citadel of Diyarbakir," Abdullah Demirbash said.
Direct to Yerevan - Armenia
Letters to the Editor
Re: Sale of Melkonian
I believe we shouldn't put the blame on "AGBU administration" but on "AGBU". The reason why I say this is that I don't recall the AGBU Cyprus of signing any protest or petition against the closure of the school. Adding insult to injury, I don't know of any AGBU member, particularly in Cyprus, of resigning from the AGBU ranks because of the "Melkonian issue".
Hagop Manougian
Re: Eva Rivas and Kim Kardashian (1)
Parev Tsez,
I was wondering why there have been pictures of naked or half-naked celebrity Armenian women in the Gibrahayer e-Magazine of late.
What purpose do these photographs serve? What do they accomplish?
There are doubtless many facets to Armenian life. I prefer to receive news and information through Gibrahayer e-Magazine. Entertainment, spiritual discourses, historical accounts, educational items, and pornography are not on my mind in receiving your newsletter.
Your editorial policies are up to your discretion, and I am a content subscriber and admirer of your work. It just concerns me that Gibrahayer might be cheapening itself and its reputation in the world of Armenian media.

Nareg Seferian
Re: Eva Rivas and Kim Kardashian (2)
Dear Sirs,
With all do respect to your lovely one of a kind e-magazine, don't you think its better if we read about respectable IDOL Armenians from all around the world, instead of our new porn stars ???
I am a mother, of a 2 year old girl, and if we want to keep our identity and morals, and teach our children what our parents have thought us , it would be better if we talk about some good examples.
I am offended by Kim Kardashian's photo as well as Eva Rivas' photos. I"m not narrow minded, or old fashioned but I am sure you can make an extra edition for those kinds of photos.
You may not want to publish my plea, it is not that important, but if you want me to research and provide those examples I would like to hear about, and be proud of, I would realy be glad to help.
Thanking you in advance for reading this.
Araz Tavitian Kotchounian
Re: Eva Rivas and Kim Kardashian (3)
Gibrahayer e-magazine is all about life in Armenian reality, not only about politics, news and sports but also about the beauties in our every day lives.
In this issue they are also about the concerns of readers about our "half-naked celebrities". These concerns are also part of our lives. That is why we have included your letters in this section, without editing a single one.
A silent majority of our subscribers, will consider a couple of half-naked images a welcome and beautiful addition to our e-magazine while others will think very little of it, as their children and families are accustomed to nudity on the Cyprus beaches and consider them neither vulgar or obscene.
To them, the Kardashians and the Rivas's only come to the family debates, when Kim Kardashian tweets 5,500,000 messages for the passage of Resolution 252 or when my eight year old daughter sings "Apricot Stone".
Simon Aynedjian - Gibrahayer e-magazine
Sevag Gurunlian's reply to Masis Agopyan
GIBRAHAYER e-magazineDear Simon,
I would like to reply to the letter sent by Mr. Masis Agopyan regarding the Diaspora Senate issue, and unlike Mr. Agopyan, I personally know that your respected e-magazine will include it in its entirety.
My intention by the following is not to defend Mr. Sassounian (I don’t think he needs my contribution in that), but just an attempt to clarify the true feelings hidden in Mr. Agopyan’s letter.
Sevag Gurunlian - Nicosia - Cyprus

Dear Mr. Agopyan,
As I started reading your letter, I anticipated and looked forward to reading new and strong opinions and points of view regarding the Diaspora Senate proposal but as I went down through your points and your conclusion, your true intentions struck me, and I understood that you have a “PORATSAV” that you want to talk about.
I agree with most of the issues you have raised regarding the Diaspora Senate (most of which were already referred to in Mr. Sassounian’s article), specially that no Armenian living in the Diaspora should have the right or power to control Armenia’s inner politics and social life, but I think you are either a selective reader and/or just another anti-ARF (haga-tashnagtsagan) who does not skip an opportunity to slam the ARF, no matter the relevance nor the importance of the issues.

To explain myself, I would like to first quote Mr. Sassounian: “In my view, both praise and criticism were premature, as the Minister’s announcement contained few details about the proposed Senate.”…At this early stage, one can only ask questions, because of the Minister’s assertion that there would be extensive consultations in Armenia and the Diaspora before any decision is taken ...”
Mr. Agopyan, unless you know much more details about the proposal, don’t you think it is too early for you to start a crusade this aggressive?
On the upside, I agree with your points 1, 2, 3 and 5, (which except for point 1 were already raised in Mr. Sassounian’s article) but in the wording that Mr. Sassounian has put and not yours (specially not your words in point 3, as they carry a racist, chauvinistic and prejudiced message).
Your points 4 and 6 are not issues or questions to consider but just illustrations of why we don’t need a Diaspora Senate.
So Mr. Agopyan, your whole letter comes down to 2 points:
1- Who will pay for this Senate’s and its staff’s survival? I understand your concern.
2- The ARF (who, by the way, represents much more than 50 % of the Diaspora as you have mentioned) will control that Senate.
Again, although I agree that no Armenian living in the Diaspora should have the right or power to control Armenia’s inner politics and social life, I would like to focus on this last point, through which you have shown your true intentions (poratsav) more clearly, in your conclusion.
Empowering the diaspora = weakening Armenia in EVERY WAY”.
Really?!? Just to use your example, do you think the state of Israel could survive without a strong Diaspora?
Armenia’s only ALLY in the region is the Russians, the ARF is OPENLY hostile towards the Russians”.
Again, Really?!? When and where did you actually see or hear the ARF being hostile to Russia? The ARF might disagree or agree to Russian politics regarding Armenia, but “hostile”??? I don’t think so.
“with the ARF in charge of ANYTHING, we will immediately go back to 1918-1920. Do we want to be written off? Do we want to disappear from the map?”As for your assumption that the ARF would love to oppose the government and “stop supply” whatever the issue, well you are wrong again. Because for the past 20 years, since Armenia’s independence from the Soviet Union, the ARF fought for a free and strong Artsakh, has been expelled from Armenia, its offices and newspapers burnt, its members jailed… held an international 650 AYF members strong summer camp in Armenia while under persecution, fought in elections, fought fraud… The ARF, Mr. Agopyan, is an opposition party unlike other opposition parties in Armenia, i.e. your friends in the Ter Petrossian camp. The ARF opposes the government on specific issues that hurt national interests (i.e. the protocols…) and in social issues (i.e. social inequality…) but is pro-government when the latter introduces social welfare and equality policies.
The day that the ARF turns away from its core principle of serving Armenia and Armenian interests, I am sure that tens of thousands of ARF members will resign from its ranks.
As a conclusion, Mr. Agopyan, I would have admired you and your opinions, as an “absolute die-hard Armenian”, if only you could objectively look at this proposal and truly and objectively raise issues and then start a crusade against or for it after the details are made public and available for consultations and consideration.
And FYI: since its formation 120 years ago, the ARF was and still is one of the true defenders of freedom of speech, equality and social justice.
Mr. Agopyan, as you are a selective reader, I suppose you have totally missed that part of Armenia’s history. FYI: the ARF fought for and established the first Republic of Armenia after centuries of non-independence. This new independent state gave shelter to hundreds of thousands of Armenian refugees and orphans, fought starvation, the Turks and the Bolsheviks, both domestic (Armenian) and foreign (Russian), and succeeded to be put on the map, and not written-off, as you have suggested. To understand what “written-off” and “disappearance from the map” means, check the Kurds who failed to establish an independent state during that time and in consequence do not have an independent state now, but just an autonomous region within Iraq which is known as Iraqi Kurdistan, and I just read that they are protesting, “a la Tunisia and Egypt” to get more autonomy. And let me point out a couple of facts that you are choosing not to see and acknowledge: the ARF and its affiliated organizations were and still are in charge of the Diaspora, and that is exactly why the Diaspora is so strong and organized today. The ARF held the “Yerakouyn Troshag” high through the last century, when other Armenian groups, organizations and parties were either afraid or ashamed of recognizing and holding that Troshag. And when in the early 90’s the Yerakouyn was officially Armenia’s flag again, the others suddenly embraced it and said: “this is our flag and the ARF had confiscated it for 70 years.”
Sevag Gurunlian - Nicosia - Cyprus
tennis and the ugly parent syndrome
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Gibrahayer Calendar Events
  • Wednesday 2 March at 5:00 pm- Vartanant’s Message from the Armenian program of CYBC. Title: VARTANIN NAHADAGOUTIOUNE Speaker: Hrayr Jebejian.
  • Thursday 3 March at 10:00 am - Vartanants ceremony at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church.
  • Friday, 4 March at 10:00 am - "Praying for Chile" at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church.
  • Saturday March 5 at 6:30 pm - Armenian Evangelical Church service in Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos Nicosia. Speaker:Hrayr Jebejian.
  • Sunday 6 March at 3:00 - 6:00 pm - Carnival Party at Nareg Hall, organised by The Nareg Parents Association. Entrance: only 5:00 euros. The event is open for all children of the community.
  • Sunday 20 March at 1:00 pm - Mid-Lent ‘’Michink”” lunch at the HMEM/AYMA. Organised by The Armenian Relief Society (HOM) Cyprus ‘’Sosse’’ Chapter. Armenian traditional home made and delicious vegetarian food and desserts will be served.
  • Friday 8 April at 8:00 pm - The Armenian Relief Society Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter and Roupen Nahabedian invite you to the opening of an art selling exhibition of works by French-Armenian expressionist painter, Garabed A. Momdjian (Bolis 1922 – Paris 2006)
    at the Utudjian Hall of The Armenian Prelature. G. A. Momdjian was born in Bolis in 1922. He is the recipient of many prizes, amongst which, 1st prize of Chambre de Metiers de la Seine, 1956. 1st prize at Festival Artistique et Culturel de JAF, 1957. Medaille d’Argent de la Ville de Paris, which is one of the highest honours awarded to nationals of any country in recognition of their contributions to French and/or international culture. Duration of exhibition: 8–10 April 2011, 11am -1pm and 5:00 – 7:00pm.
  • Monday, April 11 at 8:00 pm - Book Launching: Manuel Kassouni (Cyprus - Armenian scholar and educator) Historical studies Reminiscences and Memoires and recognition (Barkevadroum) for Mrs. Nevart Panayotidou - Kassouni long years of community services in Cyprus. The event will take place in Utudjian Hall and is under the auspices of H.E. Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian, Prelate of Cyprus, and the patronage of Vartkes Mahdessian, Armenian Representative in Cyprus Parliament.
  • Saturday April 17 at 7:00 pm - Hamazkayin "Oshagan" Cyprus Chapter's annual theatrical performance at PASIDY Hall. "Ges hay in L.A." Playwrite and Director Natasha Tavoukjian.
    Sunday 8 May - Pilgrimage to St. Magar Monastry organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative Vartkes Mahdessian. Details to follow.
Video link of the week
This project consists of 64 film series, narrating about Armenia, the history and culture of the Armenian Nation, and its influence on the world. Historical facts and scientific comments are given in this film-series that are tied to Armenia and its Nations past, present, and bright future.
Click here:
Every Sunday at Keravnos - HMEM / AYMA Junior Football Academy
Age Group: 4 - 6 from 11:15 until 12:00
Age Group: 6+ from 12:00 until 13:00
UEFA Certified Trainer: Ara Bedrossian
Participation fee: 20 euros per month. Sign up with
Krikor Mahdessian 99650897 & Nareg Tavitian on 99488926
Armenian Sports by Sevag evletian
  • TENNIS: Andre Agassi will receive an award for his work with disadvantaged children during a tennis exhibition this month in New York. The eight-time Grand Slam champion was selected as the recipient of the Garden of Dreams Hero Award, which was created in 2009 by Madison Square Garden in New York and the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a charity that organizes events and provides services for children coping with illnesses and other problems.
  • WRESTLING: The Armenian Greco-Roman wrestling team won four medals at the Greco-Roman Wrestling Grand Prix in Slovenia. Roman Amoyan (55kg) and Arthur Shahinyan (84kg) won gold and Arsen Julfalakyan (74kg) and Vahan Jugharyan (60kg) won bronze medals.
  • JUDO: 14 young Armenian judoists to represent Armenia at international tournament in Iran. The Armenian junior judo team includes bronze winner of first Youth Olympic Games David Ghazaryan and bronze winner of European Junior Judo Championships Gor Haruryunyan.
  • FIGURE SKATING: Armenian figure skater Slavik Hayrapetyan finished 5th with 127.4 points among 18 participants at the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival in Liberec, Czech Republic. On February 26-March 6, Hayrapetyan will participate in 2011 World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Seoul, where participants will have the opportunity to qualify for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games to be held in Innsbruck in 2012.
  • TENNIS: David Nalbandian and Juan Monaco have been selected to Argentina's Davis Cup for next month's opening round against Romania.
  • CHESS: The FIDE Women Grand Prix with the participation of top 10 chess players of the world has kicked off in Qatar. Armenia is represented at the tournament by Lilit Mkrtchyan and Elina Danielyan, who played with black pieces in the first round. Danielyan defeated Marie Sebag (France), while Lilit Mkrtchyan tied her game with Pia Cramling (Sweden). In the second round, Mkrtchyan and Danielyan will rival Antoaneta Stefanova (Bulgaria) and Maia Chiburdanidze (Georgia) respectively.
Gibrahay Sports by Sevag Devletian
  • There were no scheduled matches in the Cyprus Futsal Premier League and 2nd Division this week due to the Cyprus national futsal team commitments for the UEFA Futsal EURO 2012 qualifying round.
  • AYMA/HMEM suffered a narrow 3-2 defeat against ESOGBA in the Cyprus Amateur Football 2nd Division.


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