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About our Newsletter

We would like to thank our subscribers for supporting our initiative that started two decades ago in 1999.

Together with our growing number of subscribers who has reached 30,000, we have lived the aftermath of the liberation movement of Artsakh, the timid steps for independence of successive Armenian governments and the velvet revolution.

We have highlighted the challenges of the Armenian Disapora, the very specific political turmoils of the eastern Mediterranean, the ongoing threats of Turkey and the continued occupation of our country Cyprus, by the Turkish army.

As a publication of the Diaspora we have reported on important developments on our efforts for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the renewed effort for reparations to the Armenian people and the restoration of human rights and justice.

As a publication in Cyprus we have given emphasis on community events and happenings as well as the political situation in Cyprus.

We thank you for your continued support

Simon Aynedjian
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