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Click here for Marine Manoushian's opening remarks
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ARF representative Simon Aynedjian's sppech - click here




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Homenetmen - AYMA, Hamazkayin and ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Cyprus representatives together with Armenia's Minister of Defense Vicken Sargsyan
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ARF Dashnaktsoutiun and the Republican Party of Armenia sign a memorandum on the formation of a political coalition on May 11.
The memorandum was signed by ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Supreme Council representative Aghvan Vardanyan and RPA Deputy Chair Armen Ashotyan.

Congratulations to the Nareg Schools
Graduation Class of 2017

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Cyprus is Armenia’s Ambassador
to the European Union - Fotis Fotiou

“Cyprus is a member state of the European Union and I the face of our country you have a good friend in the EU. We can state Cyprus is Armenia’s Ambassador to EU,” Cyprus Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Issues and Overseas Affairs Fotis Fotiou stated in Yerevan on Monday. Mr. Fotiou participated at a MoU signing ceremony at Armenia’s ministry of diaspora.
As the press service of the ministry reported, the Cypriot official made opening remarks, pointing out the traditional historical and cultural ties of the two countries.
“Our countries cooperate in various fields. Constant mutual visits at the Presidents’ and PMs’ level show the nature of the warm relations. Today, we are set to discuss our joint efforst in addressing diaspora issues and enhancement of cooperation prospects. On behalf of the Cyprus President and the Government I would like to convey our gratitude for the support to the Cyprus settlement process,” Fotiou said.
He next expressed hope to hold the next meeting in Cyprus, attended by representatives of Greece as well.


Super Sako on 52,000,000 views with "Mi kna" - click

Nareg school and Erasmus video - A peace of Europe Erasmus + - click


Read the interview here



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The Genocide that did not happen

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You can buy the book published by the office of the Armenian MP


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Turkish "security" forces
wanted by the United States

Over the years, successive Turkish governments have exhibited that they neither fancy protesters nor ideas that are different than, to theirs.
After the viscious attack by Turkish security personnel on protesters, these 14 thugs - some part of Erdogan’s security staff - are now wanted by the United States law.

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Simon Martirosyan lifted 191 in the snatch and 235 in the clean and jerk in the +105 kg weight category and won the Gold medal in Tokyo at the International Weightlifting Junior World Championships.

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Congratulations to young Kourken Torossian (pictured here with his proud parents
Georges and Talar Torossian) who won Gold in the Nicosia Open Karate Championships

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Established in 1981, now in its 36th year, Artsakank newspaper brings to
your home free of charge, Armenian news and happenings, promoting
and protecting at the same time the western Armenian language
through the volunteer work of dedicated editors.

View it here, save it on your favourites and visit it for
daily updates in Armenian and English



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Hamazkayin's Central Executive representative Megerdich Megerdichian (far left) together with the newly elected committee of Hamazkayin's "Oshagan" Cyprus Chapter. Georges Torossian, Marine Tavitian, Ohan Ouzounian, Arto Tavitian, Roman Sertyan.
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News in Brief

The proverb of this Independence issue:
"Liberties aren't given, they are taken." - Aldous Huxley
Gibrahayer Calendar
Friday 30 June at 8:00 pm - Annual General Meeting of the "Oshagan" chapter of Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association of Cyprus.
9-14 July - Homenetmen - AYMA Scouts annual camp at Ayii Vavatsinias.
Sunday 23 July - Khanasor anniversary commemorated by ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Cyprus Gomideh and affiliate organisations at Troodos.
Sunday 13-Sunday 20 August - AYF Camp in Troodos. Final dates to be announced shortly.
August - Open day for parents and community members, lunch and closing ceremony of AYF Camp in Troodos. Final dates to be announced shortly.
Sunday 8 October - Homenetmen - AYMA Food Bazaar.
Friday 3 November - Kravvadz Or by the Representative's Office - Details to follow.


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Ararat 5 Years Old 5* Brandy now in Cyprus.
For more information email or call 99437073

Grape Variety: Voskehat, Chilar, Banants, Kangun, Rkaziteli, Mshkali and Garandmak
Winery: Ararat Yerevan Brandy Factory
Region: Ararat Valley
Alcohol: 40%
Capacity: 500ml
Distillation: Double
Aging: 5 years in oak barrels

Characteristics: According to biblical tradition, Ararat is considered the cradle of mankind. In the 13th century the great explorer Marco Polo described Mount Ararat as an inaccessible mountain with ever-increasing snow-capped peaks. The first documented ascent to the Great Ararat is dated 27 September 1829, when Johann Jacob von Parrot, a 37-year-old German professor, reached the peak on his third attempt. A little later, in 1876, one of his followers, the English scientist and statesman James Bryce, looking at the Ararat Valley from the top of the mountain would say: “If in fact this is where man first set foot on land, you couldn’t imagine a more impressive center of the universe.”

Pairing: Aroma – hints of fruit and fresh wood, gently developing into shades of vanilla and cinnamon. Presents a delicate bouquet: a refreshing aroma of plum, peach and dried fruit with hints of dark chocolate.
Taste – a slightly sour tinge of blackcurrant with sweet and soft undertones, transforming into spiciness.

Price: €22.35


No automatic alt text available.If you are interested to receive the media pack on details on how to benefit from the Cyprus "Golden Visa" program to obtain EU citizenship, send us an email on

Cyprus has attracted about four billion euros into the country's economy through the so-called "Golden Visa" program, which provides an opportunity for international investors to obtain citizenship in exchange for buying properties.



It is our pleasure to announce that Homenetmen AYMA Cyprus will be participating in the 10th Pan-Homenetmen games that will take place in Armenia during July 20-29, 2017. Fundraising events and more details will follow soon.
During the 9th Pan-Homenetmen games in 2013, our 16 year old athlete Edmond Aynedjian, won the Bronze medal in tennis in the Men's Singles event.
Almost 1200 athletes will be participating in the games from Australia, Middle East, Russia, Europe, North & South America. The games are a tradition, whereby hundreds of Homenetmen’s youth from around the world assemble to meet, compete and strengthen their Armenian spirit and identity, and takes place every four years in Armenia, where Homenetmen has a functional presence and a well-organized chapter.

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In Armenian mythology the pomegranate symbolizes abundance, happiness, marriage and prosperity. Armenian people used to worship the fruit and it was a guardian against the evil eye.
In Armenia, the fruit also symbolizes fertility. It is believed to protect a woman from infertility and a man’s virile strength. In ancient Armenian weddings the bride was given a pomegranate to throw against a wall and break it into pieces. People believed the scattered pomegranate seeds ensured the newly married couple will have children in the future.
This fruit has been prevailing throughout the history. It was the popular ornament on stone carvings and historical Armenian manuscripts.
Nowadays, the famous pomegranate is that from Meghri, Syunik Province in Armenia. This fruit juice is a recommended remedy for many illnesses. Pomegranate semisweet wine is among the most popular Armenian wines. This fruit of life is believed to tell us that mature pomegranate has 365 seeds, one for each day of the year.
Here is an oil painting by Cypriot artist Andreas Charalambous.

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ARAME Pomegranate
wine now in Cyprus

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For more information email or call 99437073

Type: Red Semi Sweet
Variety: Pomegranate
Winery: Map
Region: Armavir region Armenia
Alcohol: 11,50%
Capacity: 750ml
Aging: 1 year in oak barels
Aging potential: 5-8 years

Wine making process: Classical type of wine making in steel tanks. This unique wine, is the result of natural fermentation of the pomegranate's juice. Produced with traditional techniques similar to those of grape wine making. During the fermentation process the unique and beneficial ingredients are protected and preserved. This wine is a very important source of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins.

Characteristics: Bright clear ruby color with rich aromatic bouquet of fruits, perfectly balanced between pomegranate and blackberry. Rich, good balanced structure, spicy aroma and velvetly pomegranate aftertaste.

Food pairing: A tempting, refreshing drink when cooled especially at summertime. Excellent accompaniment to salad, cold pasta, fruit and dessert dishes.
Served best between 12 & 15 degrees.

Price: €8.90

Received with thanks
By the Tatarian family in memory of Dikran Tatarian €100
Levon Chilingirian € 50

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Nicosia, Tuesday 4 July, 2017

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