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On Friday 15 December, 2017, Homenetmen-AYMA will be honouring its athletes, Marie Somakian Georgiou (Swimming), Edmond Aynedjian (Tennis) and Mikela Aynedjian (Track), who brought back 10 Gold Medals from the 10th Pan-Homenetmen Games that took place in Armenia from 20-29 July, 2017.
Team Cyprus that participated with only three athletes was the smallest of teams in the Games, that attracted 1,200 athletes from Australia, Middle East, Russia, Europe, North & South America.
Marie Somakian Georgiou won seven Gold medals out of seven events, Mikela Aynedjian won two Gold medals out of two in 800 and 1,500 meters, while Edmond Aynedjian won the Gold in the only event he participated in winning the Gold in the Men's Singles tennis event.
A victory event in honour of the Gold Team of Cyprus will take place on Friday 15 December, 2017 at Homenetmen – AYMA, in the presence of Cyprus sports representatives and community members.
During the same day veteran tennis champion Haig Ashdjian will also be honoured for his contribution to sports.

Founded in 1918 in Constantinople, Homenetmen has 108 chapters in 24 countries with 24,000 members.
On July 20, 1920, the founding members of Homenetmen were officially invited to the independent Democratic Republic of Armenia.
Homenetmen was banned from Armenia after the establishment of the Armenian SSR in 1921.
In 1922, the Homenetmen chapters in Constantinople were forced to close their doors, with the organization's leaders dispersing throughout the world.
Every four years, there is a Scouts Jamboree camp that takes place in Armenia. The next Jamboree will take place in Armenia in the summer of 2018 with the participation of 1,500 Scouts from all over the world.
Pan-Homenetmen Games take place every four years. In the July 2017 Pan-Homenetmen Games more than 1,000 athletes participated in which Homenetmen-AYMA Cyprus won 10 Gold Medals.
Next year, the 100th anniversary of Homenetmen will be celebrated in Armenia. The ceremony in Yerevan will be held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan and under the auspices of Catholicos Karekin II, of the Mother See of Etchmiadzin and Aram I, of the Holy See of Cilicia.
To visit the Facebook Page of Homenetmen - AYMA, to view more images, videos, events and activities, please click here:



Homenetmen-AYMA have decided to honour former Davis Cup star and Cyprus Men’s Singles champion Haig Ashdjian for his contribution to Cyprus tennis and sports.
During the festive event celebrating the 10 Gold Medals that Team Cyprus brought from the summer 10th Pan-Homenetmen Games, Haig Ashdjian will also be honoured as a notable and noble ambassador of Gibrahay community towards Cyprus sports.
Commenting on their decision, Homenetmen-AYMA Chairman Harout Der Bedrossian stated that “the community is honouring a sports personality, that has left his mark in Cyprus sports for more than 50 years, through his unprecedented achievements”.
“We invite members of our community to pay tribute to a great sportsman by attending the event” Der Bedrossian concluded.





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“Wonderland” - Painting Exhibition by Pepi Martin
Opus 39 Gallery proudly presents “Wonderland” by Pepi Martin.
Opening on Monday, 5 March 2018 at 7.30p.m.
Pepi (Peproneh) Martin (née Iltchibekian) was born into an Armenian family in Tabriz, Iran. She has lived in Iran, the UK, Monaco, the UAE, Qatar and Cyprus. Limassol has been her principal residence since 1989. Spending long periods in a number of countries has helped her to become tolerant towards other cultures and appreciative of the environment and life in general. Travel remains a passion for her and has given her the opportunity to visit many museums and art galleries, serving as a kind of continuous tutorial for Art History.
From a young age Pepi was passionate about drawing/painting and loved art classes at high school. She later continued her studies at Vahramian’s Art Studio in her hometown Tabriz and at the Cultural Foundation Art Workshop in Abu Dhabi. In Qatar from 2011 to 2016 Pepi set up her own studio, working independently and allowing her thoughts, emotions and knowledge to become her Master. Solitude gave her the space to work diligently and produce many paintings. And further study of her finished paintings has led her to compose a number of poems; she loves this newfound and supportive activity, with subjects concerning both her particular paintings and more general observations on life and people. Upon arriving in Cyprus she started to take her artwork more seriously and continued exploring her artistic expression with tutors such as Helene Black and Marilena Aristotelou.
Pepi’s paintings are in private collections in Cyprus, England, Lebanon, Qatar, Russia, the UAE and the USA.

Duration 5-17 March 2018

Working Hours:
Monday 17.00-20.00
Tuesday-Friday 10.30-12.30 & 17.00-20.00
Saturday 10:30 - 12.30
21 Kimonos, Strovolos 2006, Nicosia
Τel/Fax 22424983



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Throughout history, art smugglers, war profiteers, and terrorists have stolen countless icons, frescos, mosaics and cultural artifacts from vulnerable, war-torn countries – and continue to do so today in places like Syria and Iraq. One woman has made it her life’s work to retrieve them.
In a powerful memoir, Tasoula Hadjitofi—refugee, Icon Hunter, and culture crime watcher—reveals her perilous journey from refugee to orchestrating “The Munich Case,” one of the largest European art trafficking stings since WWII. THE ICON HUNTER (Pegasus Books; April 11, 2017; Hardcover; 400 pages) is the story of the pursuit of justice and Tasoula’s riveting adventure into the underworld of art trafficking.
In 1974, Tasoula and her family were forced to flee their home after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Tasoula eventually settled in The Netherlands and became Honorary Consul to Cyprus. Approached by a notorious art dealer with information about stolen sacred artifacts looted during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, she spends the next ten years convincing the art dealer to inform on his former partner. Tasoula places everything on the line to repatriate her country’s sacred treasures.
With the Bavarian police in place, the Cypriots on their way, seventy under-cover agents bust into the Munich apartment of a notorious Turkish smuggler to recover 5,000 ancient artifacts from Cyprus and around the world. The icons are not just masterpieces—they are artistic manifestations of faith and a gateway to the divine. Unaware of the treacherous lies in the shadow of her success and even as unspeakable personal tragedy strikes, she never gives up her search knowing the special place these antiquities hold in the hearts of Orthodox Christians.
Following the Munich case, Hadjitofi creates the non-profit organization, Walk of Truth, which works to locate sacred artifacts looted from conflict areas and restore the cultural identity of those countries to their people.
In her own words, “my gift to my country, Cyprus, my gift to 65 million refugees worldwide, my gift to every immigrant who struggles to integrate in a foreign country, my gift to every one of you who struggles with being a mother, wife, professional and all of you who live the principles of Human Rights.” Inspiring and empowering, THE ICON HUNTER is a gripping story by a remarkable woman that will captivate readers, educate them on the importance of cultural artifacts, and inspire them to take action.



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Team Cyprus brought the highest score 39/40 at ROBOTEX 2017 Lego WeDo Competition in Estonia. The winning team comprised of Kourken Torossian, Andreas Ioannou, Ektoras Stylianides, Thoma Zacharias and Eria Makridou.


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To receive more details:
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Established in 1981, now in its 36th year, Artsakank newspaper brings to
your home free of charge, Armenian news and happenings, promoting
and protecting at the same time the Western Armenian language
through the volunteer work of dedicated editors.
View it here, save it on your favourites and visit it for
daily updates in Armenian and English.



Framed 1827 original map of Armenia, Cilicia and Cyprus mounted and framed
with acid-freepaper for eternal preservation.
Contact the collector Dr. Yiorghos Leventis on 99658694 and on

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News in Brief

► "These camel drivers should go off to where they belong: far, far beyond the Bospurus to their mud huts and polygamy,” Poggenburg told party members, calling Turks living in Germany “camel traders” and an “unpatriotic rabble”. The association representing Germany’s Turkish community said it would bring charges against Poggenburg for inciting hatred, with its leader Gokay Sofuoglu noting that the constitution prohibits incitement, defamation and discrimination.


by Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra

Image result for Sourp Magar Monastery, CyprusThe Sourp Magar (Saint Makarios) monastery - also known as Armenomonastero (Greek), Magaravank (Armenian), Armenian Monastery (English) or Ermeni Manastirı (Turkish) - is the only surviving Armenian monastery in Cyprus, holding a particular historical, religious and sentimental value to the Armenian-Cypriot community. It is situated in a picturesque location, at an altitude of 530 m. within the dense Eastern Plataniotissa Forest, about 1 ½ Km to the west of Halevga on the eastern part of the Turkish-occupied Pentadhaktylos range.

Its vast land (nearly 8.500 donums = 11,37 Km²) extends up to the seashore and includes about 30.000 olive and carob trees. From the idyllic site of the monastery, one can gaze the Taurus mountain range in Cilicia, especially during winter when there is little humidity and snow is covering the mountains. The monastery is dedicated to Saint Makarios the Hermit of Alexandria († 395 AD), who according to tradition had spent some time in the caves of the region as an ascetic. His memory is celebrated on the first Sunday of May, although the monastery equally celebrated the memory of Saint Makarios the Elder of Egypt (300-391 AD) in December. The original establishment of the monastery took place at around the year 1000 AD. By the year 1425 it had already come to the possession of the Armenian Apostolic Church: the exact date and other circumstances of this transfer are unclear to us, but we do know that its monks followed very strict rules of ascetic life and religious penitence.

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Presenting ARTZARD

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Together we are stronger


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our dreams are here to stay

The Armenian language is thousands of years old but the Alphabet script was developed in the 5th century by Mesrob Mashdots (considered as a Saint).

Terchnakir - means bird letter, and is considered to be the artistic representation of Armenian calligraphy.

Enjoy wearing this scarf, designed with love and passion!

Your enquiries at
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Facebook, please click here

Team Cyprus this morning flew to the Czech Republic with Captain Petros Baghdatis and the Cyprus Junior Tennis Team comprising of Ara Mahdessian, Andreas Timini and Pavlos Tryfon, who will be representing Cyprus in the Tennis Europe under 12 Winter Cup, a premier event with the participation of over 30 nations.
All the best to Team Cyprus and our young tennis players.

Gibrahayer Calendar

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Sunday 11 March 2018 - Michink Lunch organised by the Armenian Relief Society - HOM Cyprus Sosse Chapter, at Homenetmen - AYMA.
Saturday 24 March 2018 - Easter Tea organised by the Armenian Relief Society - HOM Cyprus Sosse Chapter (details will follow).
Sunday 25 March 2018 - Dzaghgazart - Palm Sunday.
Thursday 29 and Friday 30 March 2018 - Avak Hinkshapti yev Ourpat.
Sunday 1 April 2018 - Armenian Orthodox Easter – Zadig.
Wednesday 4 April 2018 - Hamazkayin's Literary Evening at Homenetmen - AYMA.
Sunday 8 April 2018 - Greek Orthodox Easter.
Tuesday 24 April 2018 - Commemoration April 24 (program will follow).
Sunday 13 May 2018 - Hamazkayin's Sipan Dance Group, Nanor Junior Dance Ensemble and Ani Dance Group of Paphos performance at Strovolos Municipal Theater.
Sunday 3 June 2018 – Hamazkayin’s Timag Theatre (details will follow).


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Available now in Cyprus:
Award-winning 3* Year-old Ararat Armenian Brandy at €19.35

Grape Variety: Voskehat, Chilar, Banants, Kangun, Rkaziteli, Mshkali and Garandmak
Winery: ArArAt Yerevan Brandy Factory
Region: Ararat Valley
Alcohol: 40%
Capacity: 500ml
Distillation: Double
Aging: 3 years in oak barrels

Mount Ararat is over five thousand meters tall and it towers over the meadows in the Ararat Valley and dominates the horizon of the Armenian capital Yerevan. Shrouded in legends of love, friendship, generosity and courage, Ararat fascinates with its power, timeless beauty and elegant austerity. As the national symbol of the nation, the legendary Ararat is proudly depicted in the center of the State Emblem of the Republic of Armenia.

Aroma – lively, zesty and bright with floral, fruity undertones and hints of virgin oil and oak. Taste – strong and intense, slightly piquant at the onset, finishing with a touch of dryness.



Nicosia, Wednesday 6 December 2017

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The third shipment of Premium Armenia-manufactured Award Winning KARAS White and Red Wines have arrived in Cyprus this week, to make it in time for your festive table.
In cooperation with Daniel Apikian of Quality Wines of Greece, Gibrahayer e-magazine, are distributing these Armenian products to Cyprus.
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KARAS White Dry Wine - Price: €13.80 (price includes VAT)
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The first Melikian school football team in 1925:
(Diran Der Avedissian photo archive)

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1st row seated: Karekin Kouyoumdjian, Vahan Terzian, Apraham Chilinkirian. Middle row: Onnig Tokatlian, Noubar Tasdarian, Yeghnik Terzian (coach), Samuel Toumayian, Vahe Toumayian
Standing: Alber Terzian, Jirayr Der Avedissian, Sarkis Soultayian, Mekerditch Terzian, Eprem Yeramian.


MANE COCKTAIL BAR - for a memorable outing in Yerevan - click here

Looking forward to reading it soon.
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